Best Moment Award 2 – Thank You !

I’m so honored that I got nominated by for the Best Moment Award for my Feather Inspiration . It’s the second time I receive this award, I humbly accept it and I hope my words will touch more people’s hearts. As for the advice from the Feather Inspiration, I usually do it on a daily basis to prevent the “doing nothing” feeling. Energy work can make someone more tired, especially when I interact with so many people everyday. I’m so glad that most of you found it so helpful.

As for Jenny who nominated me, she wrote something very thoughtful on her post which I really like it and I want to share it with you all. “For me writing about mindful leadership and intercultural communication, being a humble ‘beginner’ on the path of awakening and meditation, it felt like a milestone to have received this award. Somehow, I moved forward (or maybe sideward) in this journey called life trying to look inside myself in order to pull out a “new and improved” me or better: the knowledge and peace that sits there anyways and that I was simply not able to hear until now. ” Keep it up with the good work, I totally love your posts!

The “Best Moment Award” actually goes to people who

“live in the moment,
The noble who write and capture the best in life,
The bold who reminded us what really mattered –
Savoring the experience of quality time.”

So here are my nominees:

1) for the post Not strangers to each other ~ Not Really!

2) for the post “Look Mom, no trees!”

3) for the post The Simple Solution to Every Relationship Problem!

4) for the post  The Embrace of Grace

5) for the post happy on the inside….out

6) for the post Lojong Slogan 12 ~ Drive All Blames into One

7) for the post Looking for a warrior within

8) for the post 4 Quickies To Improve Listening Skills

9) for the post Alone doesn’t have to mean lonely.

10) for the post Be Positive

35 thoughts on “Best Moment Award 2 – Thank You !

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