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Feather Inspiration #62


I “heart” you green – Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day and a big doze of green and no red at all this year! If you are wondering why you should avoid red, a couple realizations may persuade you. Red is the color of the root chakra that it’s connected to fear, grounding, changes, detachment, fragility and so on. So instead of celebrating love this day, you are afraid that your boyfriend may break up with you, that he won’t get the right gift for you and if you are alone, you feel so fragile and you feel do detached from everyone out there who has a relationship. Apart from that, red makes the heart racing faster by making you feel more stressed. Today just try to incorporate green into whatever you do. Green is the color of the heart chakra, bringing energies of love, understanding and friendship.

When you go out with your date, focus on the earth colors such as brown, green, grey or ivory. You will notice that these colors will create a different atmosphere and you will radiate it to your surroundings. Your boyfriend will feel the difference, you will notice that he will be more open to talk about things he never said before. Apart from that, buy him an Eco-friendly gift that will be different that ones you usually buy every year. Have a wonderful time and if you are single this day, just stay away from anything that will create unnecessary drama or tears. Just be yourself and enjoy!

Black and white – Pop the Balance bubble

One of the common tips for interview is the black and white outfit, since it makes you look professional. Professional in other words means balanced, your employer will get these vibes from you and if your questions are the expected ones, you have a place in their company. So how this balance works with the colors? The black absorbs the energies of the environment and people while white is reflecting everything. If you want an easy example on how the color black works, you can find it here and for white use the opposite example. Chic and classy is being defined again by the combination of these two colors, so simple and so effective at the same time. What happens though when you want to enhance creative energies coming out of this balance? By adding color to this combination through make up or accessories.

Depending on the color, the energies from your chakras are popping out giving a specific impression. Here you can find all the positive traits of the chakras and how the colors work. For example if you wear black and white outfit for an interview, avoid to wear orange, you will give them the impression that you are emotional, so this will get interpreted that in the future you may turn to be a drama queen. If you add red though, make sure that it’s not too much – avoid red lipstick cos it shows aggressiveness through your speech – and wear a red ring which will show them that you are grounded, you know what you want and that they can count on you. Again though, it depends the nature of the job, if you are going to work on a store as a sale assistant, make sure that on the first interview, you wear yellow. It shows your willingness to work and being energetic the whole day. One last but not least to keep in mind is to know your strength and weaknesses and empower them with the specific color!

Be a Dreamer with your own Dreams

While you are checking all this gossip about celebrities around the web and reading all the juicy details, how many times you wished you were on their place? It’s when you were a teenager and you wanted to be like your favorite pop star. You wish you had that expensive house with the big pool, the big closet you always wanted and that rich boyfriend who would give his last penny for you. Have you ever considered though how hard it is to be chased by paparazzi all day, wanting to sneak into your life? Higher rank means higher responsibility, not that it would be completely bad but would you be able to sacrifice your personal freedom for this?

Have you ever tried though to dream a life based on your own standards? Dream high, dream big without sacrificing your dignity, your personality but become the person you always wanted to. People usually tend to dream based on a materialistic level but they forget their spiritual evolution. Instead of desiring so badly this expensive car, desire to become a person who is more outgoing and less shy. It takes a lot of emotional work, it’s not easy but it’s priceless comparing to any item on this planet. Keep in mind though to be balanced, it’s not about choosing being materialistic or spiritual, it’s about enjoying every moment in this life, becoming a whole being having an amazing experience. Have a happy Friday!

Bad girls just know what they want

How many times you had a fight with a bad girl? How many times you were one? Why boys do bad girls? So many questions to be answered and you today are not in mood for such a conversation, you see the world the  other way around. No one will hurt you ever again, your boss has to respect you today, your mom has to to stop telling you to get married and your ex has to shut his big mouth cos you two are over. Does it make you a bad person though? No if you know what you want from your life, no if you want changes and the only thing to achieve them is to gain power over your root chakra. Life decisions can be hard but you know that your life will be better after this. Don’t be surprised if you want to go back to your natural dark hair color, start wearing more frequently red and black, smokey eyes have become your second skin and you say no most of the times. All these energies come from your root chakra, indicating that you are ready for the next step in your life.

The most important thing here is that you are ready to disconnect from people and situations. Fears coming from the fact that the root chakra has to do with the fear of disconnection and unknown, the fear of being alone in the end without support from anyone. The misconception on this theory is that when we ask for someone’s support we consider ourselves weak and in need. Asking help from someone should be made on an equal level; that the other person actually holds a knowledge about something we don’t but that doesn’t make us inferior. This leads to energetic cords towards friends, family or other people who offer support. Be ready to face your new reality, be strong and life will award you!

I love You but I love my Heart more

Last night you watched your favorite movie with a bunch of tissues  next to you, lots of popcorn and ice cream. It reminds you a lot your story of you and him, it hurts a lot but you love him. The question is this though; do you love yourself? You gave him your heart to take care of it and he  keeps hurting it. The thing you can’t admit is that you like it. The worst even is that you gave your heart chakra away. If you are wondering if it’s that even possible, trust me that as a life coach with my husband we have seen that happening a lot. When you open your heart chakra, what do you find in there? A big black hole stuffed with energies from the other chakras cos simply you gave up on your heart. Your heart is in someone else’s hands to do whatever they want with it. Literally though on an energetic level.

Letting someone else being responsible for your own emotions, for your own love and mostly for your friends. Have you ever wondered why you usually neglect and even lose your friends when you date someone? The guy just wants you all for himself, he pushes away from your heart all your friends. This is why you can’t explain how you made that mistake later on when you break up with him. Next time you want to date this awesome guy and you feel you love him, don’t give him your heart this time but welcome him in your heart. Give him space in your heart energies, you will feel a bit uncomfortable physically on your heart but it’s normal. It’s different accepting the love in your life and different giving it away. Protect and love yourself no matter what!

The Journey and the Awakening

It comes that day in your life when everything changes, as if someone pulled the carpet under your feet. Changes are always good but you usually see that in the future as the current events make you shake. For now the only thing you know is that you woke up this morning with a weird sensation, that nothing is the same as yesterday. The vegetables taste better, the fresh coffee will almost make you hallucinate and your boyfriend who is sleeping next to you… well you start having second thoughts. Rushing thoughts make you almost lose your mind, you keep wondering what happened to you. You grab your phone to call your best friend but right away you put it back on its place, for some reason she won’t understand. You don’t understand either yet. As you grab your hot coffee, you open your laptop right away. You start searching for your symptoms online, you stumble upon articles about awakening. Your curiosity will lead you to read more but take a step back here.

Spiritual awakening may have common symptoms but don’t forget that you are a unique person with your own perception for this life. It’s a period of inner work, you have to take decisions about your life and everything after this will change. You will feel lonely, you will cry, you will even feel devastated by this world and then you will feel the fighter inside you, you will do anything to change everyone around you. Don’t forget though that changes start from within, you are the example for your friends and family. If you try to force them to see the world through your eyes, you must be that world. The beautiful new You is ready for the most exciting journey, don’t hold anything back!