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Is your Sadness lately your best friend? Just talk to her.

In the beginning you had hard time to admit it that you are sad most of the day. It started with a lot of stress and then that feeling that everything is going plain wrong in your life. You know many people around you being on the same page as you but you never thought that you would  never thought that you had to deal with this too. Your big question is “Now what?” along with all the negative mindset of this situation. Many times you cry so much at night till you can’t breathe.It feels bad but at the same time addictive.

When a friend calls you to tell you some good news about her life, you find a quick excuse to avoid her. You shake your head as with disgust you hang up. Happiness sounds so bad as an idea, right? Then you start crying, you feel the pain released again and you are stuck in this situation for days, sometimes for months. You come to a point that you need a solution and fast. Otherwise you feel that you will lose your mind.

Try an easy approach to start dealing with the issue. Meditate and visualize Sadness as a young person who looks like you. Face her, talk to her, ask her questions. Don’t question the conversation, just let it flow. When you are done, be proud of yourself. You just made a huge step to face yourself and your issue. Keep working on that meditation exercise till she fades away. It may take you days to fix it but don’t give up. Always keep notes after the conversation you had with that part of yourself. Now see how much progress you have done!


Stop Waiting and Start Changing

Have you ever had this dream when you sit on the edge of the mountain and everything changes except you? As the clouds move faster, the sun is on a rush as the moon takes its place and the seasons are speeding up as if summer will last one minute and next thing you know the autumn is here. You are just an observer, you can do nothing else than going along with the flow. Or at least this is what you think. Now add on the scenery humans. Fragile peace, upcoming wars, starvation, thirst, pain, natural disasters are the things you see on that fast forward mode. You close your eyes. You don’t want to see more. You don’t want to feel more.

“There is nothing I can do”, you think and an echo of children’s voices “You can help yourself”. You shake your head in disbelief. “Do I want it?”, you ask yourself. “Are you scared?”, the children ask. “I don’t know you, stop talking!”, you exclaim. “We don’t know you either but we care. Do you care?”, they say as their voices fade in the wind. You start crying so much. It  makes your whole body hurting but you don’t stop. You feel a nudge on your shoulder. ” Wake up”, you hear that female voice saying to you.

You feel so confused in your dream but one minute later you open your eyes. It’s your mom trying to wake you up. “Mom, I’m awake”, you tell her and she looks at you surprised. “What happened to you?”, she asks with a caring voice. “Mom, I want to change the world”, you say with tears in your eyes. “Then start by helping me to bring some food to that family across.”, she smiles at you widely. Now you know what she means. Don’t wait for the right moment. Be the one who will make the moment the right one. Start changing the world by being the Change. You are the Change!

Very Important Person Gratitude (Or just more than one)

So after thinking a lot, you realized that you have a couple important people in your life who inspire, love you and believe in you. You may also find that one person who changed your life completely and you are so grateful. Positive strong energy is coming out from all these persons, you can’t feel otherwise than blessed in your life. I’m sure you have thought that all these people bring the best side out of you. Without them, you wouldn’t reach that far in life. Keep in mind that this is only one side of the coin. How about the other one?

Yes, I’m talking about the people who made you cry, who broke your heart, who made you think back then that life only brings pain. It’s just the past right? Yet again think how much influence these people had on you. The experience is the outcome of the pain and suffering. Therefore you are wiser. Therefore you can make better decisions now. You may think that you were a fool back then but look at you today. “I won’t make the same mistake again”, you say to people when they ask you for advice. When back then you thought that you are worthless, that you will only run after people for advice. Now look at you today.

You are the one who is giving advice to people with similar issues. It’s when you realize that maybe the most important person in your life was your worst enemy. How many times you closed your eyes and wished the worst for this person? Now how many times you are willing to thank them? Yes thank them as for forgiving them, it’s another story. It needs a lot of understanding and knowledge of the situation so as to forgive someone. If you just do it out of pity, then don’t even bother. Focus on the lesson you learned and move on!


Sleep with the Truth, wake up with a Lie

It’s one of those emotional nights when you really don’t know what to do. Should you sleep? Should you stay awake and keep suffering? You thought a long time ago that truth hurts since it always brings stuff on the surface that you don’t want to hear. This time you felt like being a part of the Truman Show. How can your life be played out like that while having no clue? Is it your fault? Is it the person’s fault who kept lying to you? In the end it doesn’t matter who said the lie but if in the end there are other people around you who are aware of this lie. What if they have lied too about other stuff too? So many questions, so little answers and you are here to take responsibility of your own actions. You may feel a victim but keep in mind that many times we attract the energies we desire in our lives. If you feel a failure for example and that the friends you have are the only ones who can tolerate you, then you know what happens after this. They are aware of that and the next thing you know is that you are being used by them. This happens cos they know that you need them in your life.

Now think about it a bit. In fact no, first let all the emotions out. Cry, write down how you feel and reevaluate everything. Who deserves to be in your life and who not. Now think when the lies started. If you say that you didn’t have the slightest clue about the situation, this is a lie itself. How many times you felt that something is wrong? How many times you thought that you are crazy or paranoid? How many times you ignored the little voice inside you warning you about these lies? You just didn’t want to be alone and push everyone away. Now you are in a situation that you have to alone for some time. How the one is different from the other then? It’s self respect, you would be alone but by your own choice not pushed by the situation itself. Take your time, work on yourself but don’t lose faith on people. You may met a couple of them who hurt you but there are others out there who are sincere and honest. It takes time but you will be grateful later on!

Fairytales and myths, do you believe in them?

Do you remember when you were a kid how much you loved fairy-tales, mythology and all these stories that sounded supernatural? You didn’t question them at all, you knew that they are true. By going to school, your teachers and some of your friends tried to pop your bubble. They said that stories are for kids. They said that you are silly if you believe in them. They asked you if you see these creatures and when you said that you do, they asked you where. You showed them on the thin air and it’s when they started making fun of you. After school, you went to your room crying. You had to choose between your reality and society’s reality. You would be you Self and outcast or pretending to be someone else and have friends. You promised that you would just keep some of these stories for you but yet again you felt so guilty.

Year later, you go to the cinema and watch these amazing fantasy movies and you cry. You get so emotional, you feel sad but when you get out of the theater you block everything out again. Have you ever wondered if you are tuned with your Self? You had that premonition dream a long time ago, that feeling that became true and some weird flashes on the corner of your eye. You mostly though feel that you are so different from the people around but you have to adapt. As a kid, before you get sucked into the society’s system, you had your own truth. Now you have the truth you are being served. Now you can consciously decide what you want to do with your real self. If you don’t know what to believe anymore, start regressing your childhood. Get into meditative state and start working on that. Keep notes and start creating your own life puzzle from the beginning. Are you ready for that?

The Journey and the Awakening

It comes that day in your life when everything changes, as if someone pulled the carpet under your feet. Changes are always good but you usually see that in the future as the current events make you shake. For now the only thing you know is that you woke up this morning with a weird sensation, that nothing is the same as yesterday. The vegetables taste better, the fresh coffee will almost make you hallucinate and your boyfriend who is sleeping next to you… well you start having second thoughts. Rushing thoughts make you almost lose your mind, you keep wondering what happened to you. You grab your phone to call your best friend but right away you put it back on its place, for some reason she won’t understand. You don’t understand either yet. As you grab your hot coffee, you open your laptop right away. You start searching for your symptoms online, you stumble upon articles about awakening. Your curiosity will lead you to read more but take a step back here.

Spiritual awakening may have common symptoms but don’t forget that you are a unique person with your own perception for this life. It’s a period of inner work, you have to take decisions about your life and everything after this will change. You will feel lonely, you will cry, you will even feel devastated by this world and then you will feel the fighter inside you, you will do anything to change everyone around you. Don’t forget though that changes start from within, you are the example for your friends and family. If you try to force them to see the world through your eyes, you must be that world. The beautiful new You is ready for the most exciting journey, don’t hold anything back!

Are you Mad at Me or at Yourself?

Your boyfriend calls you and cancels the date. You are mad at him. Your boss asks you to change something on a report. You are mad her. A random guy calls you by accident cos he dialed the wrong  number. You are mad at him. Numerous everyday examples could be posted here but eventually you got the point. You are irritated most of the day, a small thing goes wrong and you explode. Have you noticed that not even your best friend is calling you lately? Have you paid attention on your cat’s behavior? She’s hiding all over the house. Do you feel like being nominated with the Negative Vortex Award? What’s wrong with you? Before you start storming off towards me too, back off a bit and go to your mirror.

Don’t refuse to see your frowning face, your shaking hands – you don’t have to wonder what it is anymore – and the bad habit you have lately to mess with your hair. You are about to cry but you won’t, you are strong enough to get through this. For the sake of your emotional state, stop, just stop. Take a big breath, make hot cocoa, lay on the couch and play some relaxing music. Now look within, what is really bothering you? This is the question you should ask yourself. Before you start blaming all the others, just focus on your inner world.

If you feel like writing a blog, meditate, do yoga or go outside to walk next to the sea, just do it. The more you ignore the problem, the worse it becomes. It’s like trying to cage a monster and since you fail, you decide not to pay attention to it. What happens after this? Pretty much the monster starts “eating” you, this anger starts taking over and it won’t take long before you will end up with a panic attack, depression or even health problems. When your body and soul keep warning you, make yourself a big favor to pay attention to the signs. Don’t let situations like that be the big obstacle for your happiness!