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Parties, Crowds, Energy Vampires and You

During the week, you anticipate for the weekend to come, to get out and have fun on a club with your friends. Have you noticed what usually happens to your body when you come back home after being in a party or a crowded place these days? If you are not a person who drinks a lot and suffers from hangover but you still feel wasted, tired and drained, then it’s time to think twice about going back. Or maybe not. Your friends will think that you are weird. Some of them will say that you are not social even. The question is “Do you care?” but the most important is “Do you really know what is going on when you are in a big crowd?”.

Nowadays movies and TV shows have brainwashed us with vampires, werewolves and all these “What if” in your head “What if they were real in this world”. The thing that these shows won’t tell you is that actually they are real. More real than you think. Not in the sense of them drinking blood but on an energetic level. You will notice when you are around these people that they want your constant attention; it can be your mother or even your best friend. Or that famous singer who gives that big performance on stage. It doesn’t matter who is it but the energy they carry. Or better the energies they do take from people.

How do energy vampires “work”? Why in the end you should pay attention to them? Their desire for attention makes their energies to shift into cords. Imagine now how a spider works. She looks for her prey while creating all this big web around her and whoever gets stuck, he’s doomed. The same thing happens on an energetic level with the energy vampires. They create their “web” and they drain people from their energies. You can see on their faces an euphoric expression, being “high” without being on drugs, being more energetic while you and the people around them feeling more and more tired.

They always pick the right “victims”, people they know that their energies have high frequencies. If that specific person keeps calling you every Saturday to go clubbing without you knowing him that well and you just say yes only cos you have no one to hang around, then you do know that you are the “chosen one”. The best solution to this problem is to wear as much white as you can on your clothes and accessories so as to reflect their energy attacks. Be aware, protect your energy field by creating energy shields and go out now. You still want to go for clubbing and this time you know this; no more unwanted headaches, no more draining, no more being tired!


Don’t let stress take your smile away

Do you remember when you were a kid and most of the times you were smiling, laughing and being carefree? Do you remember how many times your parents told you when you starting growing up more that it’s time to get life seriously? Do you remember when something silly happened in the class, you giggled and then you got kicked out cos you shouldn’t do it? So many things to remember as you realize that your smiles used to be real. They came straight from your soul as all your body felt the happiness with a simple smile. You came to a point nowadays that you realized that many times you smile cos you have to. You don’t really mean it but it will solve many issues or even prevent a fight. Many nights you watch fun movies that make you cheer up and laugh. When the movie is done, the feeling of loneliness is harder. As the days go by, the daily routine sucks you up on black hole full of stress. You need that genuine smile back. You also need to realize how your body works when the smile comes straight from your soul.

When you have a genuine, a real moment of happiness then it will be reflected right away to your chakras  as an expression to your soul. A full body experience that will give you an instant pleasure that can’t be compared to anything else. When you come to a point that you laugh cos someone said a joke and you feel like laughing cos either everyone else did or you don’t want the person feel bad, then here you have rationalizing laughter. This comes straight from your head chakra, your third eye as you need to find a reason to laugh. The more you are on a stressful environment or lifestyle, the more you will observe that the times you laugh will be less and less spontaneous and genuine. If you are wondering what you need to do to fix it, the answer is energy work. This can be accomplished through self expression and mindset of freedom. You may want to laugh on the silliest things, you may want to go on a playground when no one is around, just remember all the things you did as a kid and made you happy. Smile again, feel and be happy!

When happiness stops being a drug

Years come and go and you still try to define happiness in your life. All these little things that make you smile, all these moments that truly gave you a taste of happiness and this one guy who means the world to you. When you met him, you had a lot of fun, heartwarming conversations, walking next to the seashore and the most important; he made you smile, he gave your life a different meaning. Your face was shining and every time you talked with your friends, you kept telling them that he’s the one, you are so happy with him. One day he shows up and he asks you to break up with him. You pushed him a lot he said. You wanted the perfect man he said. He made you happy while he was not he said. You stay there frozen, so numb as he wished you all the best in your life. He closed the door as you kept staying there numb. He took the happiness with him.

The next months, you were depressed. How could he do that to you? You blame him but keep in mind that you hold responsibility too. How can you rely on someone for making you happy? This means that before you meet him, you never really felt what happiness is. It starts from within and if you keep searching it outside of yourself in the means of a thing or person then it won’t take long that it will turn into your drug. If a show on TV is the only thing that makes you happy, then it’s when you know that you made it your happiness drug. When the show stops, you will become depressed. What’s your inner spark? What really makes you happy? No one is perfect and happiness is far away from perfection. It’s a big journey and you are ready to enjoy it!

Fairytales and myths, do you believe in them?

Do you remember when you were a kid how much you loved fairy-tales, mythology and all these stories that sounded supernatural? You didn’t question them at all, you knew that they are true. By going to school, your teachers and some of your friends tried to pop your bubble. They said that stories are for kids. They said that you are silly if you believe in them. They asked you if you see these creatures and when you said that you do, they asked you where. You showed them on the thin air and it’s when they started making fun of you. After school, you went to your room crying. You had to choose between your reality and society’s reality. You would be you Self and outcast or pretending to be someone else and have friends. You promised that you would just keep some of these stories for you but yet again you felt so guilty.

Year later, you go to the cinema and watch these amazing fantasy movies and you cry. You get so emotional, you feel sad but when you get out of the theater you block everything out again. Have you ever wondered if you are tuned with your Self? You had that premonition dream a long time ago, that feeling that became true and some weird flashes on the corner of your eye. You mostly though feel that you are so different from the people around but you have to adapt. As a kid, before you get sucked into the society’s system, you had your own truth. Now you have the truth you are being served. Now you can consciously decide what you want to do with your real self. If you don’t know what to believe anymore, start regressing your childhood. Get into meditative state and start working on that. Keep notes and start creating your own life puzzle from the beginning. Are you ready for that?

Life is a School with many Classes

Do you remember when you were going to school, you had to wake up early, you had to face the same teachers, same annoying classes but you had to find a real reason to stay happy? It was not for the friends, how many times you had to get rid of them cos they back-stabbed you? It was not for your crush either, he barely paid attention to you. It was that class you always loved to attend. It made you feel different, alive, you wished you could go every day there. After being done with school, years later, you had to find a job and do something with your life. Some times you question yourself if you are on the right path, if you are doing the right thing. You don’t really have that much time for these questions, your busy life will give you little time for fun, going out with a couple of friends for drinks or just have that awesome date. School all over again but in a different sense now, you are the one who decides about the teachers, the classes, the friends and the boyfriend.

Have you taken advantage of this privilege yet? Don’t let your  life being lead mostly by random factors, use all the tools you have in your hands to make it better. Start a new activity with the teacher you really believe in, have a real friend around you, date the guy who really cares about you. Pick the path you want to in your life, listen to your inner voice and do what you feel like doing. So many lessons out there to learn, so many classes and so many people to interact but now you do have the choice. You know it won’t be easy but the journey is more worthy than the destination. Don’t doubt a moment that you can achieve great things, don’t let your insecurities to take over. Life is a big school and you are a very talented student!