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Parties, Crowds, Energy Vampires and You

During the week, you anticipate for the weekend to come, to get out and have fun on a club with your friends. Have you noticed what usually happens to your body when you come back home after being in a party or a crowded place these days? If you are not a person who drinks a lot and suffers from hangover but you still feel wasted, tired and drained, then it’s time to think twice about going back. Or maybe not. Your friends will think that you are weird. Some of them will say that you are not social even. The question is “Do you care?” but the most important is “Do you really know what is going on when you are in a big crowd?”.

Nowadays movies and TV shows have brainwashed us with vampires, werewolves and all these “What if” in your head “What if they were real in this world”. The thing that these shows won’t tell you is that actually they are real. More real than you think. Not in the sense of them drinking blood but on an energetic level. You will notice when you are around these people that they want your constant attention; it can be your mother or even your best friend. Or that famous singer who gives that big performance on stage. It doesn’t matter who is it but the energy they carry. Or better the energies they do take from people.

How do energy vampires “work”? Why in the end you should pay attention to them? Their desire for attention makes their energies to shift into cords. Imagine now how a spider works. She looks for her prey while creating all this big web around her and whoever gets stuck, he’s doomed. The same thing happens on an energetic level with the energy vampires. They create their “web” and they drain people from their energies. You can see on their faces an euphoric expression, being “high” without being on drugs, being more energetic while you and the people around them feeling more and more tired.

They always pick the right “victims”, people they know that their energies have high frequencies. If that specific person keeps calling you every Saturday to go clubbing without you knowing him that well and you just say yes only cos you have no one to hang around, then you do know that you are the “chosen one”. The best solution to this problem is to wear as much white as you can on your clothes and accessories so as to reflect their energy attacks. Be aware, protect your energy field by creating energy shields and go out now. You still want to go for clubbing and this time you know this; no more unwanted headaches, no more draining, no more being tired!


One piece of Truth and one piece of Love

Valentine’s day, you love it or hate it but still you are being affected every year. Today wear your blue, activate your throat chakra and bring some truth about the love in your life. As the heart and throat chakra are  next to each other, they are always affected by each others energies by many ways. Though many times consciously we all try to separate them cos the truth may hurt not only us but the others around us. So now honestly ask yourself what loves means to you. Is it all the fancy things in a relationship, is it a simple hug or just being around friends till you find the right guy for you? Or there are not right guys but only relationships we can work with people we love? Let all the society standards out of your thoughts and focus on your heart and throat, making sure that only truth comes out. If you notice emotional blockages manifesting into physical pain, such as heart pain or throat hurting, then you know that you are on the right path. Don’t stop and keep releasing everything, I’m sure you have heard how people say that truth sets you free. This is actually so true.

Make sure that the two chakras keep working together and if your heart is ready to retreat, connect them back. Many times we keep secrets in our heart that we are not even ready to admit it to ourselves. Secrets means guilt and guilt means nonacceptance. If you don’t accept your emotions, how do you except the other people to do so? There is that guy and you keep thinking about him 24/7, you know that after all this time what you feel is love, you spend so much time together, you are so close and so on. You will never tell him but instead you want him to talk to you. Then you realize that you are both locked in a friend-zone. If you don’t want to “suffer” anymore by all these thoughts, open your throat chakra, open your heart and be truthful. What you have to lose in the end? You have lost already yourself in this situation!


Bad girls just know what they want

How many times you had a fight with a bad girl? How many times you were one? Why boys do bad girls? So many questions to be answered and you today are not in mood for such a conversation, you see the world the  other way around. No one will hurt you ever again, your boss has to respect you today, your mom has to to stop telling you to get married and your ex has to shut his big mouth cos you two are over. Does it make you a bad person though? No if you know what you want from your life, no if you want changes and the only thing to achieve them is to gain power over your root chakra. Life decisions can be hard but you know that your life will be better after this. Don’t be surprised if you want to go back to your natural dark hair color, start wearing more frequently red and black, smokey eyes have become your second skin and you say no most of the times. All these energies come from your root chakra, indicating that you are ready for the next step in your life.

The most important thing here is that you are ready to disconnect from people and situations. Fears coming from the fact that the root chakra has to do with the fear of disconnection and unknown, the fear of being alone in the end without support from anyone. The misconception on this theory is that when we ask for someone’s support we consider ourselves weak and in need. Asking help from someone should be made on an equal level; that the other person actually holds a knowledge about something we don’t but that doesn’t make us inferior. This leads to energetic cords towards friends, family or other people who offer support. Be ready to face your new reality, be strong and life will award you!

Fast Impressive Cooking

Expecting friends at home and you need to cook something quick, delicious and impressive at the same time? Fruits and vegetables are your best friend, not only for the vitamins but for the endorphins release too. I love healthy fast food, so while searching for new recipes I found the Spicy Thai Shrimp Salad and the Chicken & Fruit Salad  and they seem yummy! If you didn’t know till now, fruits and vegetables raise your vibrations and your energy level. How many times have you noticed that after having dinner with friends, you all usually feel tired, dull but you try hard not to ruin the night? Well this is the last thing you expect when your dishes will be accompanied by fruits and vegetables. Grains and spices can give an exotic note to your food too. A little additional advice, the colors of your clothes should be close to the food you are serving. This will give a delicate impression to your friends and within 1 and a half hour, you will have food ready, clothes and make up. Have a wonderful Saturday and whatever you do, have fun!

Wear black? Watch your back!

Back to the basics, especially when you are in rush or you really don’t know what to wear. Black is a color that can easily be paired with either neutral colors, neon or  just go goth/rock style. Something that you may not know is that black is an energetically “dangerous” color. It literally sucks the energies for the environment you are in and especially the people in the same area with you. Without you knowing it, you become a vessel ready to be filled with all kinds of energies. I will give you a very easy example so as to understand easier how this works. Wear your black shirt and get out of your house, make sure that it’s a sunny day. The first thing you feel is that warmth on your body but if you stay longer, you will start sweating and feeling bothered.

Now the same happens with people and items, everything is made of energy and radiates energy. It’s like when you wear black and you go to a club, now imagine all these people being like little suns. The next thing you know, when you go back home, you feel tired, exhausted, having headaches and you just want to sleep but when you lay down, your eyes won’t close. A part of it, it’s the hangover but the main reason you feel like that is that you sucked all the people’s energies in that club. The energies will just nest on your chakras, I’m sure you feel that hangover going for a couple days.

Though you love black, I love black and yes all girls love black cos it’s sexy, it gets our wild side out since it’s related to our root chakra. How do you work on that, wearing your favorite color without having the side effects? Agate, amethyst, black tourmaline and goldstone are some good gemstones for cleansing and renewing the energies of the body along with the spiritual protection. Any accessories that sparkle or are mirror-like are your friends, since they are reflecting other people’s energies. Lavender, magnolia and ylang-ylang are some essences that will balance the energies in your body, therefore all the negative energy will get out of your body. The classic also look black and white brings balance, since black works as an energy sponge and white reflects the energies back to the environment. Whatever you do, keep in mind that your energetic body health comes first!