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Feather Inspiration #79


I “heart” you green – Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day and a big doze of green and no red at all this year! If you are wondering why you should avoid red, a couple realizations may persuade you. Red is the color of the root chakra that it’s connected to fear, grounding, changes, detachment, fragility and so on. So instead of celebrating love this day, you are afraid that your boyfriend may break up with you, that he won’t get the right gift for you and if you are alone, you feel so fragile and you feel do detached from everyone out there who has a relationship. Apart from that, red makes the heart racing faster by making you feel more stressed. Today just try to incorporate green into whatever you do. Green is the color of the heart chakra, bringing energies of love, understanding and friendship.

When you go out with your date, focus on the earth colors such as brown, green, grey or ivory. You will notice that these colors will create a different atmosphere and you will radiate it to your surroundings. Your boyfriend will feel the difference, you will notice that he will be more open to talk about things he never said before. Apart from that, buy him an Eco-friendly gift that will be different that ones you usually buy every year. Have a wonderful time and if you are single this day, just stay away from anything that will create unnecessary drama or tears. Just be yourself and enjoy!

One piece of Truth and one piece of Love

Valentine’s day, you love it or hate it but still you are being affected every year. Today wear your blue, activate your throat chakra and bring some truth about the love in your life. As the heart and throat chakra are  next to each other, they are always affected by each others energies by many ways. Though many times consciously we all try to separate them cos the truth may hurt not only us but the others around us. So now honestly ask yourself what loves means to you. Is it all the fancy things in a relationship, is it a simple hug or just being around friends till you find the right guy for you? Or there are not right guys but only relationships we can work with people we love? Let all the society standards out of your thoughts and focus on your heart and throat, making sure that only truth comes out. If you notice emotional blockages manifesting into physical pain, such as heart pain or throat hurting, then you know that you are on the right path. Don’t stop and keep releasing everything, I’m sure you have heard how people say that truth sets you free. This is actually so true.

Make sure that the two chakras keep working together and if your heart is ready to retreat, connect them back. Many times we keep secrets in our heart that we are not even ready to admit it to ourselves. Secrets means guilt and guilt means nonacceptance. If you don’t accept your emotions, how do you except the other people to do so? There is that guy and you keep thinking about him 24/7, you know that after all this time what you feel is love, you spend so much time together, you are so close and so on. You will never tell him but instead you want him to talk to you. Then you realize that you are both locked in a friend-zone. If you don’t want to “suffer” anymore by all these thoughts, open your throat chakra, open your heart and be truthful. What you have to lose in the end? You have lost already yourself in this situation!


Nature Consciousness – Do you remember?

This  morning while I was reading the news, I stumbled upon articles about recycling, nature but something didn’t sound right to me. So I decided to read one of the articles more carefully, the words that kept popping were “have to”, “must” “should” so right away I felt obliged. Really? If me, you and everyone cares about the nature, is it out of obligation or out of love? It’s not about being aware of the global problems, it’s not about the solutions either since eventually something has to be done so as this planet will be safe. It’s about how all this  is our consciousness already and we have to remember. It’s our duty to take care this planet but out of love. Then fear mongering starts as how earth is about to fall apart and how we all have to protect it. So till now, solar plexus and root chakra are involved. Where is the heart chakra?

Where is the compassion? Where is the love? Where is the caring nature of humans? Do you remember how it is to be one the animals, with the trees, with the oceans? If you close your eyes, can you feel earth’s frequencies? You were never in the position to decide if you had to be an earth guardian. It was the same as when you were eating and sleeping. When you start considering something natural an obligation, it’s when you know that you start breaking off its consciousness. I won’t get in the blame game, who’s fault is it. I will hold your hand and walk with you barefoot in the forest. I will sit next to you while listening to the ocean’s waves. I love you, do you?

I love You but I love my Heart more

Last night you watched your favorite movie with a bunch of tissues  next to you, lots of popcorn and ice cream. It reminds you a lot your story of you and him, it hurts a lot but you love him. The question is this though; do you love yourself? You gave him your heart to take care of it and he  keeps hurting it. The thing you can’t admit is that you like it. The worst even is that you gave your heart chakra away. If you are wondering if it’s that even possible, trust me that as a life coach with my husband we have seen that happening a lot. When you open your heart chakra, what do you find in there? A big black hole stuffed with energies from the other chakras cos simply you gave up on your heart. Your heart is in someone else’s hands to do whatever they want with it. Literally though on an energetic level.

Letting someone else being responsible for your own emotions, for your own love and mostly for your friends. Have you ever wondered why you usually neglect and even lose your friends when you date someone? The guy just wants you all for himself, he pushes away from your heart all your friends. This is why you can’t explain how you made that mistake later on when you break up with him. Next time you want to date this awesome guy and you feel you love him, don’t give him your heart this time but welcome him in your heart. Give him space in your heart energies, you will feel a bit uncomfortable physically on your heart but it’s normal. It’s different accepting the love in your life and different giving it away. Protect and love yourself no matter what!

The Earth Spirit is You

It’s one of these thoughtful days, after my morning meditation while walking out as I felt one with the earth. Most people say that earth is our mother, we hurt her and make her suffer with our actions. I have realized though that humans won’t usually take responsibility for their own actions so I started pondering on my way back home. The thought that kept coming back is this; what if all of us are part of the earth’s spirit? Each one of us holding an important part of earth’s frequencies and in the end we are responsible for the final transformation of the planet. So when we throw our garbage in the rivers, when we pollute the environment in any way, we harm ourselves and not the earth spirit.

I’m wondering how would you personally feel on that? How does it feel when a part of you is abused, used, suffering in a way you could never imagine? Would it change your reality? Would it make you more responsible? You know, it’s hard hurting others, you can just move on and forget, you can block these memories out. When you hurt your own self, it’s something that you cannot avoid, it’s there in your everyday life, even if you cannot see it, you feel it. The moments when you feel in pain, confused but there is actually no explanation, no memory from a past life or this life, when the emotional blockage is so hard that you can’t break through. It’s when you realize that part of the earth’s spirit is nested in your heart. The green energies from your heart chakra emitting and connecting to earth’s heart. Do you feel the connection now?


I’m gonna walk all over your Ego

Admit it, you’ve been in this game many times “Truth or Dare?” and you were always confused on what to choose. Speak the truth which later may be used against you? Be dared and do something you will regret it later? Oh well, it’s  just a game but what happens when you have to face the biggest energetic challenge on your body? Ego is related to the solar plexus, many theories are written on how to control your ego or even cause ego death. If you are not familiar with the term ego death, it’s pretty much when you completely surrender your ego, destroy it so as the energies can flow “clean” to your heart chakra. I believe that without our egos we have no personality, no will and motivation for life. The practice that has to be done is simply you surrender to yourself, without having only you in priority in your life. Balance is the key.

As it concerns truth, it’s related to your throat chakra, if you lie pretty much your throat energies become dusty and muddy, you start coughing or feeling that “thing” on your neck that blocks you from speaking. When someone comes up to you saying “I dare you to tell me the truth”, this will automatically activate your ego which will create shields all around, your defense mechanism and on the other hand your throat will start being annoyed and feeling sore. A simple sentence can be the trigger of an energetic mess. How do you reply on that without getting into a fight? Just reply “Truth shouldn’t be challenged like that. I agree that we need to talk but not under these conditions. I promise we will talk later”. By saying that, your ego is free of being challenged and your throat can relax till you are ready to speak. Always remember not to get into conversation which is already provoking, you don’t want to say something you will regret later!