Don’t be afraid to create your own Reality

“We are creators. As creations, we hold the divine imprints of the cosmos within ourselves.” Any changes show us that we are ready to disconnect from our reality and we are ready to jump to the next one. A reality within a new reality, the world we create. Your microcosm affected by your energies, the people around you as you create your own cosmic network. The dynamics of each change is up to you, reminding you the basic rule of this creation; free will. The possibilities are infinite so as you.

The last year you have this big issue with the landlord. You want to find a new apartment but you start thinking all the parameters of your moving out. How much is going to cost, your dog will change environment, you will spend a lot of time to make your space the way you want it, you even need more time to meet all these new people in your neighborhood. In the end you just think that the landlord may have some bad days and his attitude will change over time. The time goes by, you keep getting more excuses as you refuse to move out.

Changes by themselves are not scary. Our mindset creates this illusion field which contains the excuses. If you look behind them, you will see these weird shadows. These are the real deal, the fear why you don’t want to take the necessary decisions. In fact these fears merge together by creating a bigger fear; the paradox of the fear of the fear itself. If you admit this, then you have done the first step to push a bit forward.

When you will go to your new apartment, you will start creating again. It’s like when you destroy a spiderweb. The spider won’t quit but she will go to a new place and make her home again. If she can do it, you can do it to. If you need more inspiration, look around you. Read articles and watch videos about the animal kingdom. You know, we are not that far away from them. “What human history books say about animals is that they have co-existed with us for as long as we can document; we even see animals in ancient documents and old wall carvings. Yet we have not quite made the connection between the pair of us and them. The truth is that we are them; today, humanity is in a dislocated form.

Now you have a couple more reasons to see yourself as a creator. If you feel a bit hesitant, it’s cos of how technology has taken over humanity. This is how we slowly forgot that we can create, to use all the means we have as humans. Do you feel a bit more motivated now to move out? Do you feel doing a couple more changes in your life? Feel alive, feel stronger, don’t be afraid to create your own reality. You are more than you think you are and you can make small miracles everyday!


14 thoughts on “Don’t be afraid to create your own Reality

  1. What a great post and what a great opportunity… I am as you are co creators of our lives and it would be an honor if you would help in creating a part of my reality. Will you co create a work of art with me? A poetic duet line for line male and female perspective on the subject of your choice?

    • Thank you so much! Unfortunately I’m not that good with poetry but what we could do is you to write a poem and let me get inspired and write about it. I’m honored already that you asked me this, thank you! Have a wonderful day my friend! 🙂

      • Aww.. that is about the nicest no I have gotten in some time! You are a great poet! I would like to share a creation with you so what shall the poem be about?

      • Just let your creativity flow, I’m sure I will get inspired by your poem! I can’t wait for your inspiration! 🙂

  2. That’s a lovely post, Ruby. What you say about “behind the excuses there is fear” is perfectly true. We were just talking about that today in my workshop. People make “practical” or “logical” excuses why they can’t do things, but there’s always an emotional reason behind it, and it’s usually some kind of fear or worry. And I love the comparison with animals! I believe that too, and we would all benefit to remember that we are capable of much more than the technology which we rely on so heavily. There was a time when we didn’t have any of that, and we were still able to live a full and rewarding life. Lovely post. 🙂

    • Everything you said is totally true! Excuses are the mask of any fear and this is so sad. It takes some courage to be truthful with yourself first and then with everyone else. Have a beautiful Sunday my friend! 🙂

  3. My being creative isn’t the issue. It’s not having enough time to create.
    I do want to record some lullabies that I wrote for my boys, and now want to share also with my grands… I’ll need to get my one son to help with that as I am still in cassette tape mode 😉

  4. I too fear change and can always find a million reasons to stay in a bad situation. But, then I watch millions of people, much older and younger than I, flee war and famine. They literally find the strength to walk away from everything, in order to survive. I wonder if I would have such strength, if heaven forbid, I’m ever faced with such a situation.

    • That safety we get from the daily routine is a big reason why we don’t want the changes. You are right that there are people who are forced to cope with the changes but it’s when we all get the strength to move on from situations like these. Have a great day! 🙂

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