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Feather Inspiration #82


Inner voice VS “Voices” – Is there any difference in the end?

Some of us we admit it about the voices we hear either to guide us or push us to do “bad things”. Most of us though will talk so much about our inner voice, how we listen to it and how we are tuned with ourselves. After reading and contemplating, you are just confused in the end. Your inner voice many times shifts into these strange voices into your head which sometimes you call them your demons. So it’s when you are wondering if it’s you or someone else. There are many possibilities here, depending on the case. The voices could be the destructive part of yourself with all the  negative traits. It’s usually “activated” when you are in a very bad mood or continuously depressed. These voices could also be memories from a past life and you just regress through them. The sure thing is that these ones don’t intend to hurt you but to remind you something that you have forgotten. It could even simply be distorted voices coming from memories of this lifetime too. The worst case scenario is that these voices are actually connected to spirits outside of yourself.

All the cases can be dangerous but mostly the ones that come from spirits since they tend to manipulate humans. As for these voices coming straight from you, they can be dangerous if they are not identified but it’s easier for you to work with yourself and fix it. The inner good voice will always give you advice on what to do, cos you are the one who knows yourself better than anyone else out there. As for the “bad” voices, the last thing you should do is to ignore them. Your own self is warning you and it needs your help. Don’t let them take over you, write down what you hear and think when they started. Was it a specific incident or something triggered them? The only sure thing is that they don’t come from nowhere. Stay tuned with yourself but mostly love yourself for who you are. Good voices, bad voices, it doesn’t matter cos it’s still you. Accept and love yourself with all your mistakes.  It’s the only thing that matters in the end!

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