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Feather Inspiration #82


Priority Check List

Your daily life is so stressful that it makes you forget which are your real priorities. When you open your agenda, there are so many appointments, needless to say that you have to meet your best friend too. It doesn’t take much time to feel your stress level getting even higher as your frustration is obvious. The only thing you need is to calm down, drink some water, play some relaxing music and if you feel a bit better, meditate. Don’t you think that it’s time to revise your priorities? Everything seems important but it’s not if think about it. How shopping for clothes is as important as a business meeting? A priority list is essential and before you start deciding which days you want to do specific things, just decide with clear mind which things should be important right now in your life.

Use red pen for the extremely important and green for the less important ones. When the list is done,  it’s when you can start distributing the priorities to the days of the week. You can work on that daily, weekly or monthly according to your needs. What you will notice and it’s very important, is that you will have less stress but most important, you can find time for yourself now. When it was the last time you enjoyed bubble bath with relaxing music, candles and your favorite drink without having to jump out in half an hour cos you have something important to do? Whatever you do, keep in mind that are more important than anything else!

Meditation – Nature and Photography

While you are browsing the web or blogs, you find many times photos that let you speechless and give you a specific feeling every time. You may feel calm, excited, intrigued, happy and even feel that your bad mood changes right away. You will have even better effects if you try to meditate on the photos. How? First of all pick nice relaxation or meditation music, a track that you feel it fits better with the photo you have in front of you. When the music starts playing, keep your eyes locked on the photo. See yourself inside that photo and start shifting your consciousness. Feel the ground, pick up of any smell or sound, see yourself completely connected. As you get more in tuned with yourself, start walking on that place and moving away. You may see a place that looks like it or not. Whatever you see, just don’t stop and don’t question. There is a reason why your vision has shifted like that. When you come to a point that you can’t see more or when your music stops, then write down all the details; feelings, things that you saw, emotions that came up and they were not supposed to be there (or at least that’s what you thought).

You can experiment with the same photo as many times as you want or pick a new one. Do you feel that there are any similarities on emotions or things you see or hear while you meditate? The more you keep notes, the more you discover a bit more about yourself. Don’t be surprised if suppressed memories or emotions pop up. What your conscious mind has block, your subconsciousness has them stored in a big database. It’s up to you on how much you want to access these files. On your computer, you can just send them to the recycle bin. On your subconsciousness, you can’t destroy or recycle them – you  just have to face them. Nature has her ways to help us with healing techniques, so when you are done with your meditation, you can just go out and enjoy the nature for more direct approach of your emotions!

Don’t let the Nightmares take over

Nightmares or dreams that give you a really bad feeling when you wake up could have a deeper meaning than you may think. Keep in mind that when your body is resting your consciousness is doesn’t sleep, on the other hand all your defense mechanisms are down. In your daily life, especially when you are hanging around with people, you keep a part of yourself hidden even from your own self. By going to sleep, there is no reason to protect yourself from the others so the subconsciousness veil is being lifted. You have everything it needs for a good sleep: relaxation music, dim lights and a great bubble bath. The next morning, you just realized that you had again a nightmare which you pushed away another time. Needless to say that the reoccurring dreams are the worst as if you are locked on a movie and your dream reality is being repeated. Is it something drastic that can solve this mess and you actually enjoy a great night sleep?

If you haven’t done it till now, keep a dream journal and write the dream down right after you wake up. You will see you get the specific feelings from some dreams, this means that they are on the same category and they should be examined together. Dreams usually have to do with things that happened to you in the past, things that bother you daily and memories that are stored from another lifetime. Depending on the dream, start deciphering it by yourself, you will see how your dreams in the end are not so far away from your reality. I’m not talking about your 3d reality but your multidimensional one. You are more than what you think you are. You will also notice that when you start realizing what is going on in your dreams, you will instantly take control of them. Accept the emotions and fears, this is the first thing for healing. If you want to learn more about past lives take a look here or contact me !


Lonely Sundays no more

Sundays are beautiful when you are around family, friends or your boyfriend. What happens when you are all alone though? First of all stop thinking that it’s the end of the world, trust me it’s not. Think when it was the last time you spent time with yourself? You don’t want to watch the crying-my-eyes-out movie again when you are usually alone, you don’t want to call your best friend whining on how alone you feel, you just don’t want any negative energy around you. Keep in mind that there is a reason that this Sunday or this period of time you have no one around you, so let’s work on it a bit, yes?

1) You always complain to your friends that you don’t know how to cook this fancy recipe or this delicious cake. Work on that and see your creativity flowing. Next time you see your friends or your boyfriend impress them with your new cooking skills. It definitely worths your time.

2) Meditate, do breathing exercises, you have to  let these negative emotions out of your body. You can make your own relaxing playlist with songs that will make you relax, you can work on that from 10 mins to half an hour max. If it’s your first time, set your alarm clock on so as to feel safe. Many people are afraid that they will fall asleep or go into trance mode.

3) Give yourself a task for the upcoming week, it will get you motivated and make you anticipate for the next Sunday when you will decide for the  next task. It can be anything but in one condition; it will satisfy you as a whole person, so make sure that you won’t lean always on the materialistic side of things.

4) Do you really get 8 hours sleep per day? If you work the whole week and you are busy, of course the answer is no. Pamper yourself with a good night sleep from 8 to 10 hours, when you wake up your body will be full of energy, your skin will shine and you will be grateful that this Sunday is yours. No kids, pets, boyfriend, family will wake you up earlier cos you have to do this or that.

Don’t forget to look at yourself on the mirror and give you a big hug “You are a beautiful person, I love you!”. Happy Sunday my friends!