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Rewind, Regret and Rough Reality

Have you ever felt that life will bring all the “bad” things in one day? When you go at work, you have a fight with a coworker and you feel guilty. You are driving back home as your cell phone rings; it’s your dad and he wants you to have dinner with the family on weekend. You just refuse by finding an excuse and again you feel guilty. Before you sleep, all these thoughts are in your head as you keep rolling all over. All these images, the conversations you had, the excuses, the guilt and the biggest question of all “What if I told them otherwise? Did I make the wrong decision?”. Write your thoughts down and actually see how many times you had to use excuses. Do you feel that you are doing the wrong thing or that you are around the wrong people? This pretty much would explain why you are not on the same level of frequencies and why you try to bridge the gap by using all these excuses. You feel bad cos you suppress your needs and if you don’t, you feel guilty again towards yourself.

Human relationships are hard but yet again above all it’s the self respect. If you made a specific decision, it means that at that time it was the best for you. There is no point to analyze the situation too much. You will definitely realize that from every aspect you will feel guilty. Now you may wonder if there is anything to do so as to fix it. How you will stop regretting about most of the things you do?  Be real. Be yourself. Get in touch with the knowledge within. If you feel that you made a bad decision, before you start blaming yourself or everyone else, ask yourself why you did. One sentence or one word will be enough to define it. Know your motives and make the necessary changes. Reach out to the people who want to be around you. You will feel who is the right one for you. If you feel yourself and that you don’t need to pretend or find excuses, then it’s when you know that the friend with similar mindset will give you her hand and walk with you!


I’m not crazy but I do crazy things

When it was the last time you did something crazy? Not for someone else but for you. A day when you rushed to get a plane for Paris, a cold morning when you rolled on the snow with your dog or a moment when you opened your window and screamed that you loved the whole world. You usually try to find a partner in crime but you won’t do it by yourself. Are you afraid that you won’t be accepted by others? Are you afraid of people mocking at you? Though when you are with your boyfriend, family or best friend, you will do it cos everyone does. If your memories of having fun always include others, then what happens if someone takes these memories away? You feel so alone, you feel that you can’t have fun unless you are around other people.

Make a monthly challenge diary with fun activities, you have no idea how good you will feel after accomplishing the task. You love sharing those moments though, right? Call your friends, tell them all the amazing stuff you did. Do you remember how you felt accepted when you did similar stuff with them? Now you will feel respected cos they will go “wow” with your experiences. The most important here, do you know what you really accomplished? You worked on your solar plexus, you worked on your insecurities and doubts, if you actually can do stuff by yourself. Feel proud of yourself and you will see how your indecisiveness will just flee!

The Journey and the Awakening

It comes that day in your life when everything changes, as if someone pulled the carpet under your feet. Changes are always good but you usually see that in the future as the current events make you shake. For now the only thing you know is that you woke up this morning with a weird sensation, that nothing is the same as yesterday. The vegetables taste better, the fresh coffee will almost make you hallucinate and your boyfriend who is sleeping next to you… well you start having second thoughts. Rushing thoughts make you almost lose your mind, you keep wondering what happened to you. You grab your phone to call your best friend but right away you put it back on its place, for some reason she won’t understand. You don’t understand either yet. As you grab your hot coffee, you open your laptop right away. You start searching for your symptoms online, you stumble upon articles about awakening. Your curiosity will lead you to read more but take a step back here.

Spiritual awakening may have common symptoms but don’t forget that you are a unique person with your own perception for this life. It’s a period of inner work, you have to take decisions about your life and everything after this will change. You will feel lonely, you will cry, you will even feel devastated by this world and then you will feel the fighter inside you, you will do anything to change everyone around you. Don’t forget though that changes start from within, you are the example for your friends and family. If you try to force them to see the world through your eyes, you must be that world. The beautiful new You is ready for the most exciting journey, don’t hold anything back!

Lonely Sundays no more

Sundays are beautiful when you are around family, friends or your boyfriend. What happens when you are all alone though? First of all stop thinking that it’s the end of the world, trust me it’s not. Think when it was the last time you spent time with yourself? You don’t want to watch the crying-my-eyes-out movie again when you are usually alone, you don’t want to call your best friend whining on how alone you feel, you just don’t want any negative energy around you. Keep in mind that there is a reason that this Sunday or this period of time you have no one around you, so let’s work on it a bit, yes?

1) You always complain to your friends that you don’t know how to cook this fancy recipe or this delicious cake. Work on that and see your creativity flowing. Next time you see your friends or your boyfriend impress them with your new cooking skills. It definitely worths your time.

2) Meditate, do breathing exercises, you have to  let these negative emotions out of your body. You can make your own relaxing playlist with songs that will make you relax, you can work on that from 10 mins to half an hour max. If it’s your first time, set your alarm clock on so as to feel safe. Many people are afraid that they will fall asleep or go into trance mode.

3) Give yourself a task for the upcoming week, it will get you motivated and make you anticipate for the next Sunday when you will decide for the  next task. It can be anything but in one condition; it will satisfy you as a whole person, so make sure that you won’t lean always on the materialistic side of things.

4) Do you really get 8 hours sleep per day? If you work the whole week and you are busy, of course the answer is no. Pamper yourself with a good night sleep from 8 to 10 hours, when you wake up your body will be full of energy, your skin will shine and you will be grateful that this Sunday is yours. No kids, pets, boyfriend, family will wake you up earlier cos you have to do this or that.

Don’t forget to look at yourself on the mirror and give you a big hug “You are a beautiful person, I love you!”. Happy Sunday my friends!

Nostalgic Feelings and a cup of Tea

New year, new beginnings and these moments of the previous years making you wonder what happened to them. Sitting on your chair next to Christmas tree as the ornaments flicker under the tiny lights on the tree. They make you daydream, you see yourself as a kid playing with the toys on Christmas holidays, later when you were a teenager rushing to get out of the house to meet your friends for the new year celebration. You sip your tea as you sigh deeply as a thought is stuck in your head “am I getting older or the previous years were the best of my life?”.

Pastel and soft colors remind to most people the term “vintage”, older eras and this is cos romance was prevailing in the past. Or this what they think at least. Personally I see nothing romantic on men being shot under a lady’s window cos he desires to be with her. Neither when the girl is crying when she’s married to someone who hates but her parents love as later on she sends secret letters to her real love. It makes  me fee sad, depressed but really, how you feel about that?

If you desire romance in your life but still on a spicy way, how about going back to your past and remember how you used to flirt? This time though, you are more mature than ever, you can learn from the mistakes of your past. Sophisticated romance then? Yes please! You just want the guy of your dreams to let a pink rose on your work’s desk but definitely you need him alive for the most beautiful date ever, yes?

New Year and Revised Heart Chakra

Every year you want a resolution, something that will actually motivate you and make you happy when accomplished. Admit it though that most of the times, something happens out of nowhere and in the end of the year you haven’t accomplished your resolution. How about this year you just let yourself feeling free to do what you want to do? Keep in mind that by having a simple thought, let’s say that you want to lose weight, you have actually programmed your subconsciousness to work on that while you are busy all day. Though as much as you want to work on yourself, you need “real” people around you with good intentions, who really care about you as a person.

You cannot choose your family members, your coworkers but you do choose your friends. You will call your best friend at night crying when your ex broke up with you through facebook. You will ask her clothing advice when you go shopping together. There are though times you wish you never met her. She’s mean, she mistreats you but you feel that you have no one else around you. So you stay in that friendship knowing that you are not satisfied by the energy exchange, you feel that you keep giving and you take nothing back.

This new year though, how about giving your heart chakra a good cleansing? It will hurt but trust me that in the end you will feel much better. Meditate, walk outside, go to the park or a way that suits you better, you definitely need a space to relax, to think with clear mind. Start working with your heart chakra, see who has a place in your heart and who doesn’t. If your fear of being lonely stops you, it’s not an excuse when your “friends” will just be like energy vampires sucking your energies and your time. If that means that you won’t have any of your old friends, then remember that you can always meet new interesting people.

Remember that sometimes you meet people and you feel connected right away to them. You can talk hours and hours as you keep telling them “I feel like knowing you for years”. This is actually true as you pretty much remember them from past lives. This could be a good thing and a bad at the same time. You actually found your real friend, the one with whom you used to hang around in many past lives. Though you may find a person you knew and harmed you but your soul remembers their energies, therefore you are around them. So while doing your heart chakra cleansing, always recognize your friends’ energy imprint!