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Feather Inspiration #62


Boredom or something else?

Although you are busy lately, you must admit that when it comes to do things for yourself, you are bored. You don’t feel like going out, you prefer to be a coach potato sitting in front of your TV and watch random shows. The phone rings but you just ignore it. Too bored to talk to your friend even. People keep asking you what’s wrong but you just reply “bored” and then you turn your back. Sit back and rewind. When did this start happening? Have you thought that under boredom it could be an emotional issue, fear or even crashed ego? By avoiding it, you don’t solve the problem. On the other hand, you just make it worse. How many times you’ve been in a situation in where you didn’t want to fight cos you thought it was pointless again and again? Do you remember when you exploded after a long time? The exact same thing happens when you ignore your issues.

If you your next question is “what I do?” or just shrug saying “I can do nothing about that”, you get to the apathy stage aka boredom. So actually you do know what is going, you just don’t want to deal with the issue. If you don’t find the strength to fight for yourself, no one will fight for you. Even if you complain to your friends, you ask for their advice or even go to a professional, it will never work if you are not ready to do the big step. What is going to happen, is the people who care about you keep repeating themselves and when you go back home, you just ignore what they said. By playing the victim, it leads nowhere, in fact you will start pushing people way. Believe in yourself, love yourself and get out of this boredom. Life is beautiful cos you make it beautiful, never forget that!

Do you accomplish the goals for you or for others?

Do you remember when you got awarded at school and you were so glad that your “enemies” were jealous? Or when you got promoted and you called your mom to announce it to her cos she never believed that you would make it there on the first place? The fact that you don’t want to break up cos your friends will consider you a fail since he’s successful and handsome? The biggest question here is, the things you do in life, is it for boosting your ego for you as a person or for showing off to others? This kind of behavior usually shows up when your ego is hurt, when people don’t consider you good enough to accomplish stuff in life. Yet you are there to fight and do your best. You have nothing to prove to no one except yourself. The high standards should be yours not made by other people. Don’t let others to pull you into their game and test you if you can make it. The main reason of your stress has to do with all these.

You want to get out of this situation though but you wonder how. It’s time to work on your solar plexus and your sacral chakra. It’s time to work on your ego and your emotions, on how these two are entangled. Go back to your childhood and see what happened there. Did this has to do with your parents, school or friends? What exactly happened? Keep in mind that there are usually words that trigger this reaction. For example if your friends used to call you “worm”, every time you hear this word, you feel uneasy cos it brings up the specific memory. There are though moments that you consciously blocked out, you never wanted to remember that this happened. So instead you replaced them with new ones. To get through your emotional blockage, it needs you to revise your childhood again and again. Yellow clothes and accessories will help you with the solar plexus energies and your healing process!

Chit chat with a Friend

You call your friend after a long time, you have that girly talk and out of nowhere she tells you about that cute guy she started dating. Your questions seem to have sincere interest about the guy but deep inside you, you feel different, you just know right away that he’s not the right guy for her. She’s excited while she’s speaking to you about him, first time she didn’t ask you extensively if you met any guy too. While you try to digest all that, she proposes to you to get out all together so as you to meet him. A couple days later, you get out, she has that sparkling bright smile, he keeps hugging her and looking at her deep in the eyes. You just sip your drink annoyed giving fake smiles. Now you know that you definitely don’t like him.

Don’t let your ego interfere, this is the big mistake here. Your friend just found a guy and she will date him for some time. You are afraid that you will lose her or that you won’t talk to her that much as you used to. Isn’t that egotistical from your own side? She has a life and you have one too. Focus on yourself, be happy for your friend and do your own things. You may spent almost every Friday with her but now she needs to make some space in her heart for someone else. Don’t get this wrong, she won’t forget you, she just opened a new chapter in her life. Don’t forget that there so many people out there who would love to hang around with you. Why don’t you give them a chance?

I’m so tempted to Surrender

Your dream came true, the man you are in love with makes love to you, the relaxing music, the dazzling candles, the romantic atmosphere and the question that pops “Baby, do you surrender to me?”. The moment is so intense, you reply right away “yes, I do” with a seductive voice as the rest of the night keeps being beautifully busy. The next morning you get up, you make breakfast for both of you but there is something that bothers you since last night. Do you feel the internal fight of your sacral and solar plexus? What actually happened last night?

Your stimulated sacral gave a reply to the question faster than your solar plexus. Ego versus emotions then and here we go with you not looking at him in the eyes while enjoying your first breakfast together. Work on your solar plexus a bit and ask yourself with honesty “Have I ever surrendered to myself before I surrender to anyone else?”. If you feel your throat chakra blocking the answer, take a deep breath and exhale slowly, feeling the energies clearing your throat. The blockage comes from the fact that you don’t want to admit that it’s real, you surrendered to someone else before surrendering to your own Self. Though why does surrender means in the end?

Surrender means to let your Ego down and all the shields you have for other people but mostly for yourself. All these emotional blockages, fears, everything is locked in your solar plexus. The fear that you will let everything out will make you vulnerable. The way you felt last night with your man, fragile but you would never admit it to yourself cos after this you will feel that you need someone to protect you. Keep in mind that if you don’t know how to be the guardian of your self, you will eventually depend on other people. You have to teach yourself how to embrace that vulnerable side, love yourself for who you are!


I’m gonna walk all over your Ego

Admit it, you’ve been in this game many times “Truth or Dare?” and you were always confused on what to choose. Speak the truth which later may be used against you? Be dared and do something you will regret it later? Oh well, it’s  just a game but what happens when you have to face the biggest energetic challenge on your body? Ego is related to the solar plexus, many theories are written on how to control your ego or even cause ego death. If you are not familiar with the term ego death, it’s pretty much when you completely surrender your ego, destroy it so as the energies can flow “clean” to your heart chakra. I believe that without our egos we have no personality, no will and motivation for life. The practice that has to be done is simply you surrender to yourself, without having only you in priority in your life. Balance is the key.

As it concerns truth, it’s related to your throat chakra, if you lie pretty much your throat energies become dusty and muddy, you start coughing or feeling that “thing” on your neck that blocks you from speaking. When someone comes up to you saying “I dare you to tell me the truth”, this will automatically activate your ego which will create shields all around, your defense mechanism and on the other hand your throat will start being annoyed and feeling sore. A simple sentence can be the trigger of an energetic mess. How do you reply on that without getting into a fight? Just reply “Truth shouldn’t be challenged like that. I agree that we need to talk but not under these conditions. I promise we will talk later”. By saying that, your ego is free of being challenged and your throat can relax till you are ready to speak. Always remember not to get into conversation which is already provoking, you don’t want to say something you will regret later!