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Feather Inspiration #81


Do you accomplish the goals for you or for others?

Do you remember when you got awarded at school and you were so glad that your “enemies” were jealous? Or when you got promoted and you called your mom to announce it to her cos she never believed that you would make it there on the first place? The fact that you don’t want to break up cos your friends will consider you a fail since he’s successful and handsome? The biggest question here is, the things you do in life, is it for boosting your ego for you as a person or for showing off to others? This kind of behavior usually shows up when your ego is hurt, when people don’t consider you good enough to accomplish stuff in life. Yet you are there to fight and do your best. You have nothing to prove to no one except yourself. The high standards should be yours not made by other people. Don’t let others to pull you into their game and test you if you can make it. The main reason of your stress has to do with all these.

You want to get out of this situation though but you wonder how. It’s time to work on your solar plexus and your sacral chakra. It’s time to work on your ego and your emotions, on how these two are entangled. Go back to your childhood and see what happened there. Did this has to do with your parents, school or friends? What exactly happened? Keep in mind that there are usually words that trigger this reaction. For example if your friends used to call you “worm”, every time you hear this word, you feel uneasy cos it brings up the specific memory. There are though moments that you consciously blocked out, you never wanted to remember that this happened. So instead you replaced them with new ones. To get through your emotional blockage, it needs you to revise your childhood again and again. Yellow clothes and accessories will help you with the solar plexus energies and your healing process!

Black and white – Pop the Balance bubble

One of the common tips for interview is the black and white outfit, since it makes you look professional. Professional in other words means balanced, your employer will get these vibes from you and if your questions are the expected ones, you have a place in their company. So how this balance works with the colors? The black absorbs the energies of the environment and people while white is reflecting everything. If you want an easy example on how the color black works, you can find it here and for white use the opposite example. Chic and classy is being defined again by the combination of these two colors, so simple and so effective at the same time. What happens though when you want to enhance creative energies coming out of this balance? By adding color to this combination through make up or accessories.

Depending on the color, the energies from your chakras are popping out giving a specific impression. Here you can find all the positive traits of the chakras and how the colors work. For example if you wear black and white outfit for an interview, avoid to wear orange, you will give them the impression that you are emotional, so this will get interpreted that in the future you may turn to be a drama queen. If you add red though, make sure that it’s not too much – avoid red lipstick cos it shows aggressiveness through your speech – and wear a red ring which will show them that you are grounded, you know what you want and that they can count on you. Again though, it depends the nature of the job, if you are going to work on a store as a sale assistant, make sure that on the first interview, you wear yellow. It shows your willingness to work and being energetic the whole day. One last but not least to keep in mind is to know your strength and weaknesses and empower them with the specific color!

Feelings, the Key of our Memories

That unwanted time comes when you feel completely lost, you don’t know what’s wrong, your stomach hurts and you almost black out. You get locked in your room wondering what’s wrong with you. You won’t reply on the non stop calls from friends, your family worries but you don’t care. Lost in your thoughts…. or not? That huge feeling, the one that will explode and you are afraid that you will open the worm can. By closing your eyes, your vision is black and blank. The question keeps coming back to you “What’s wrong with me? How can I fix that? I feel I know nothing….”. Many people stop here since their fear coming from their root chakra, the fear of change and misplacing.

You though, you can do the next step. Follow that feeling, it reminds you something, doesn’t it? You have been there before, in this lifetime or in a previous one. Past life traumas – samskaras as they are called otherwise – are being piled up till you come to the point that the only way out is to break it. I will give you an easy example: let’s say that in your past life you were married to a guy and you had many issues in your marriage, in this lifetime you meet him again but the circumstances are weird and you cannot be with him. You get stuck in this negative cycle of feelings, you know that there is no way out but you want to feel the pain, the sorrow, the depression. Addictive behavior? Indeed. Can it be healed just like that and move on? I’m afraid no unless you get yourself regress your past life issues with this person.

Don’t be afraid of following that feeling, it may seem like it’s “wrong” but it’s definitely the best thing to do. You have to trust yourself, focus on the first three chakras – root, sacral and solar plexus – and let the energy flow there. Red, orange and yellow pants will definitely help the energies flow and you will be able to deal a bit easier with these feelings. If you want a free introductory past life reading and aura/ energy reading, then you can visit the page I run with my husband on facebook http://www.facebook.com/PsychicNest?ref=hl .

Solar Plexus – Self Love and Respect turn into Yellow

Solar plexus is the nest of our Ego. When we have unbalanced solar plexus, we have two major issues. One is Ego driven actions as the person always put himself first before any action, without even thinking how other people will feel. The other one is when Ego is hurt and bruised in such way that the person feels depressed, underestimating himself, feeling non worthy and not loving themselves. Usually the energy is getting blocked in the first earth chakras as the energy is going back and forth, creating blockages withsout letting us moving forward. Your boss makes you feel unworthy? Your feel depressed cos everything you do fails? You hate yourself for all the mistakes of the past? Yellow is your color and take advantage of it! Radiate the sun’s energies by wearing yellow belts, tops, bracelets, rings, anything that is close to your solar plexus. Empower your self love and shine!