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Feather Inspiration #81


You, your broken heart and a hidden truth

A couple years ago you met this gorgeous guy, you fell instantly in love with him as you started dating frequently. You asked advice from your friends and they told you to be careful on what you say, on what you do cos you don’t want him to get the wrong idea of you. Then you read a bunch of articles around net how the first dates should be. Then you bought this magazine since most girls consider it the best for love advice. The days go by and you have created a stable wall and some more barriers around you.

Now you do feel safe to be around him. A date after a date, a year after a year and a common decision to live with him in the same house. It’s the man you dreamed. It’s what you always wanted, to share the same apartment with a person who understand you completely, who treats you like a queen. The first months seem like a fairytale. The next ones start feeling like you try hard to climb on a mountain.

Now the secrets start taking place and create another wall between you and him. You don’t lie to him yet this distance is getting bigger. The fights lead nowhere lately and you don’t know why. That night you yell at him “You don’t know who I am!” and he replies “I thought I knew you. I don’t know who you are anymore.”. He slams the door and leaves you behind bursting into tears. What happened? Why he left you?

You should better ask yourself “Did he ever know me as person? Did I ever give him a chance?” and then remember how you wanted to be the perfect girlfriend for him. Remember now how you created your beautiful and stable wall. Remember how you never told him so many things about you cos you thought he would never like you. How can you be with someone if you cannot be yourself? How can you build a relationship based on a fake image you project?

Trust yourself, love yourself, start listening more carefully to that little voice inside you. Next time you go on a date, don’t ask for advice. Let your intuition lead you. If it was not the right choice, at least it was yours and only yours. Above all be real, the person who will be around you, he will accept you for who you are not for who you make him think that you are. Honesty is a strong base for a beautiful relationship. Just go for it!

Strip off the fake Confidence

Girls love their make-up , boys love their cars and guess what happens if you take them away. If you are still wondering, ask your best friend to meet you in the cafeteria without her make-up on and your boyfriend to use public transportation to come over there too. Pretty much you expect two upcoming situations. On the first one, they find a terrible excuse not to show up. On the second one, they do show up but their confidence is under zero. It’s not bad to own a car or having beautiful clothes. The bad thing is to depend on them so as to boost your self esteem. Take away the expensive houses from the celebrities and their status is harmed. This goes along with their confidence. When we live in a society that nurtures us with these ethics and when we are stuck in a system in where you have to be successful so as to be “important”, “special”, “unique”, it’s when you know that you have to fight back. Anything materialistic shouldn’t be above anything spiritual or personal growth. Though if you don’t do it, you feel you will get kicked out of the system.

This pretty much means that your friends will push you away, your parents will consider you a failure and you will feel the need to leave your town or even country. It has happened to everyone but how do you act? Lower your head and stare at the ground? Shrug and move along? Sigh deeply and have the worst thoughts about yourself? This means that you surrender, you let the system win. The system that you hate so much, that even lead you to take antidepressants cos you are not good enough. Draw a big line and don’t let anyone cross it. It’s your personal boundaries, it’s the space that you need to be yourself. You need to apologize to no one for who you are. Meditate, join a yoga class or martial arts, write daily affirmations, all these will lead to your confidence boost. This is what you want. This is what you need; Inner peace and trust yourself!

Being comfortable in your own Feathers

When society tries to strip off uniqueness, you know deep inside you won’t go with the flow. Don’t worry if people think that you are not normal, you are not obliged to apply in the normal standards. You just want to be yourself, that beautiful soul who wants to be carefree, no matter what. When everyone wants to wear black, you just come out with your colorful outfit and when everyone wants to wear flowers on the hair, you just want to grab your roller skates and have fun. How many times you wished that the world changed? This is how you will influence the people around you, by being the real you, your true self without having to hide who you are. If there are people who just don’t want to be friends with you, then they never cared of who you really are.

If that helps you better to see your good qualities of your personality, make a list and update it frequently. Trust yourself will be easier by knowing yourself, it applies the same to the people you don’t know and they ask you to trust them right away. See yourself as a third person, if you ever met her, what would you say? What makes her to be special and different from any other? You can hold this conversation with yourself by using different color of pen. When you are done, go back and read it again. Don’t you feel that even a bit you know yourself more? The more you do this inner work, the more you will see the instant results in your life. Don’t hide that beautiful shine under ugly shadows!

Don’t judge me, I love you

Your friend lately, she’s been through situations you never thought that this would even happen to her. You considered her smarter but here she is, wanting your opinion. You start making a point out as she give you puppy eyes “Please don’t judge me, I’m your friend.”. It’s when you stop talking, thinking if you said the wrong thing. She keeps asking you what you think, you really don’t want to tell her cos she will get offended. It’s not the first time though is it? She wants to hear what she really wants to hear? Brainstorming questions popping up in your mind, you grab your purse and you find a cheap excuse to leave her house. “I’m done with her”, you murmur and you forcefully open the door of your car. Is this friendship over?

If it’s the first time that happens, you know that your friend is really confused, she needs a new perspective of her situation but she’s expecting something that she has in her mind already. On that situation, pretty much you tell her that when she’s ready to hear your opinion you will be there for her. It’s not that you don’t love her but she needs to understand that she needs to be ready for your conversation first. Detach yourself from the problem and her, without noticing you will get stuck in these thoughts most of the day cos you really want to help her. In fact she needs to be ready for help first. What people usually do when they feel like that, they project their emotions on us and create energetic cords, making us feel responsible for their issues. Chakra cleansing and conscious detachment should be done on a daily basis, making sure that we don’t carry energies that are not ours. Building a friendship is not that easy but you want it to last forever, yes?

Feelings, the Key of our Memories

That unwanted time comes when you feel completely lost, you don’t know what’s wrong, your stomach hurts and you almost black out. You get locked in your room wondering what’s wrong with you. You won’t reply on the non stop calls from friends, your family worries but you don’t care. Lost in your thoughts…. or not? That huge feeling, the one that will explode and you are afraid that you will open the worm can. By closing your eyes, your vision is black and blank. The question keeps coming back to you “What’s wrong with me? How can I fix that? I feel I know nothing….”. Many people stop here since their fear coming from their root chakra, the fear of change and misplacing.

You though, you can do the next step. Follow that feeling, it reminds you something, doesn’t it? You have been there before, in this lifetime or in a previous one. Past life traumas – samskaras as they are called otherwise – are being piled up till you come to the point that the only way out is to break it. I will give you an easy example: let’s say that in your past life you were married to a guy and you had many issues in your marriage, in this lifetime you meet him again but the circumstances are weird and you cannot be with him. You get stuck in this negative cycle of feelings, you know that there is no way out but you want to feel the pain, the sorrow, the depression. Addictive behavior? Indeed. Can it be healed just like that and move on? I’m afraid no unless you get yourself regress your past life issues with this person.

Don’t be afraid of following that feeling, it may seem like it’s “wrong” but it’s definitely the best thing to do. You have to trust yourself, focus on the first three chakras – root, sacral and solar plexus – and let the energy flow there. Red, orange and yellow pants will definitely help the energies flow and you will be able to deal a bit easier with these feelings. If you want a free introductory past life reading and aura/ energy reading, then you can visit the page I run with my husband on facebook http://www.facebook.com/PsychicNest?ref=hl .