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Feather Inspiration #82


When you can’t find Happiness and you don’t know Why

“Take the lessons you’ve learned and move on” my friend Diana said today which gave to me and many people food for thought. What happens though when we can’t find happiness and we feel stuck into a negative situation? Do you feel that you are stuck on your path? Do you feel that your past is more important than your future? Do you feel that there is “something” that has you hooked and you can’t move forward? It’s a common situation for many people, they feel trapped but at the same time they are not willing to get out of the situation.

We constantly create energetic connections known as energy ‘cords’. Energy cords are created in linear form connecting one energy point to the next. Just like the creation of a line, the origin of linear connection can be on either side. The intent of energetic cords are usually bad rather than good because these cords are the way needy souls sap energy out of another’ s physically and/or spiritually. But there are good energy cord forms, like the root of a tree or the spine of our energy bodies; and just like cosmic energy, energy cords can travel infinitely in both directions following the duality of its creation.”

So what exactly is happening to you? Let’s say that you have this relationship with your ex boyfriend, which is usually “on” and “off”. You really want to be happy but you can’t move on to the next relationship. Consciously you tried everything but subconsciously you have more than one reasons to feel connected to him. He was the one who was there for you when you were sick. He brought you flowers although  it was not Valentine’s Day. You had amazing vacation on that beautiful island. Though he’s grumpy. Sometimes he abused you and you still have the mark on your body. You secretly call this the “mark of his love”.

He’s on a similar situation with you. He can’t let it go and he’s stuck too. It seems that he’s with another girl but you know that he’s not happy. You want to cut this energetic connection, this cord between you and him. Keep in mind that it can be more than one energy cords, different for every chakra. Some people say “Just take a knife and cut the cord” but let me ask you this; how easy is to cut a cord between a mother and a child? When we do have relationship with people for that long, they are our “family”. How many times you have called your best friend sister?

Before you cut any cords, make sure what kind of karmic relationship you have with your boyfriend or any other person with whom you have these issues. Past life regression is a great way of understanding problems like that before you start cutting the energy cords. If you just try to cut the cords without knowing what happened in the past, it’s pretty much what happens in the movies “the blue or the red wire?”.

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Is your Sadness lately your best friend? Just talk to her.

In the beginning you had hard time to admit it that you are sad most of the day. It started with a lot of stress and then that feeling that everything is going plain wrong in your life. You know many people around you being on the same page as you but you never thought that you would  never thought that you had to deal with this too. Your big question is “Now what?” along with all the negative mindset of this situation. Many times you cry so much at night till you can’t breathe.It feels bad but at the same time addictive.

When a friend calls you to tell you some good news about her life, you find a quick excuse to avoid her. You shake your head as with disgust you hang up. Happiness sounds so bad as an idea, right? Then you start crying, you feel the pain released again and you are stuck in this situation for days, sometimes for months. You come to a point that you need a solution and fast. Otherwise you feel that you will lose your mind.

Try an easy approach to start dealing with the issue. Meditate and visualize Sadness as a young person who looks like you. Face her, talk to her, ask her questions. Don’t question the conversation, just let it flow. When you are done, be proud of yourself. You just made a huge step to face yourself and your issue. Keep working on that meditation exercise till she fades away. It may take you days to fix it but don’t give up. Always keep notes after the conversation you had with that part of yourself. Now see how much progress you have done!

Inner voice VS “Voices” – Is there any difference in the end?

Some of us we admit it about the voices we hear either to guide us or push us to do “bad things”. Most of us though will talk so much about our inner voice, how we listen to it and how we are tuned with ourselves. After reading and contemplating, you are just confused in the end. Your inner voice many times shifts into these strange voices into your head which sometimes you call them your demons. So it’s when you are wondering if it’s you or someone else. There are many possibilities here, depending on the case. The voices could be the destructive part of yourself with all the  negative traits. It’s usually “activated” when you are in a very bad mood or continuously depressed. These voices could also be memories from a past life and you just regress through them. The sure thing is that these ones don’t intend to hurt you but to remind you something that you have forgotten. It could even simply be distorted voices coming from memories of this lifetime too. The worst case scenario is that these voices are actually connected to spirits outside of yourself.

All the cases can be dangerous but mostly the ones that come from spirits since they tend to manipulate humans. As for these voices coming straight from you, they can be dangerous if they are not identified but it’s easier for you to work with yourself and fix it. The inner good voice will always give you advice on what to do, cos you are the one who knows yourself better than anyone else out there. As for the “bad” voices, the last thing you should do is to ignore them. Your own self is warning you and it needs your help. Don’t let them take over you, write down what you hear and think when they started. Was it a specific incident or something triggered them? The only sure thing is that they don’t come from nowhere. Stay tuned with yourself but mostly love yourself for who you are. Good voices, bad voices, it doesn’t matter cos it’s still you. Accept and love yourself with all your mistakes.  It’s the only thing that matters in the end!

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