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When opinions count more than you think

Today you went to the grocery store and these ladies gave you the look of death. They started whispering and giggling, as you passed by you heard them talking about the guy who keeps coming to your apartment. It’s funny how they say that you should get married and stop being promiscuous. The funnier thing is that they have no clue that it’s your brother. In the end, it’s none of their business, yet they would do anything today to see you frown and have sad face.

If you think a bit about it, their attitude shows that they are jealous of you. They wish they had that chance with a man who cares about them and makes them feel good.  Since they can’t have it, they are mad and when they see someone else happy, it’s when they try to do anything to see that happiness being broken into pieces. By keeping that in mind, you save your sanity for the day.

It happens everywhere, at home, at work, even with the social transportation. Someone will whisper something or they will stare at you cos they don’t like the way you look. If you feel offended and uncomfortable, it means that you don’t accept yourself for who you are and what you do. Don’t be afraid to be unique, don’t be afraid to be different. It’s your right and no one can take it away from you.

As for all these opinions, you have power to mute them in your mind. Don’t let them poison you. You know better what is good for you. Love yourself, be yourself, be happy and smile always!


Turn back time or turn your back on time?

You never expected that you would wish to turn back time, not only to fix things but to go back in the life you had as a kid or teenager. All these daily life problems make you wanting to go back, to forget everything and be carefree. Do you remember though what you kept telling your parents when you were younger? “I want to grow faster to leave this house, I want my freedom!” If you feel that not much has changed yet, that you think you started a new life while your past keeps making you wanting to go back, it’s when you know that it’s time to fix your past once and forever. Many people tell you to turn your back to what happened in the past. They will tell you that you need a fresh start without pain, without worries and no drama. If you just skip your past, then it will keep popping up in moments when you need to take serious decisions.

Let me give you a simple example. Let’s say that you want to get married to a guy you are together for two years and lately you feel that he’s cheating on you. Then you remember that your ex never cheated on you but you did have that sexual chemistry. You think that you overrated the current relationship, maybe it’s time to call your ex, date or something. Just having some fun even before you will fully commit to a guy, a guy you are not really sure if he’s the right one. Now you see what happened? You haven’t solved the issues with your ex boyfriend and yet you want to move forward to a marriage. Face your past, accept the pain, heal and move on. Fear will try to keep you back but you are stronger than that, yes?

Nostalgic Feelings and a cup of Tea

New year, new beginnings and these moments of the previous years making you wonder what happened to them. Sitting on your chair next to Christmas tree as the ornaments flicker under the tiny lights on the tree. They make you daydream, you see yourself as a kid playing with the toys on Christmas holidays, later when you were a teenager rushing to get out of the house to meet your friends for the new year celebration. You sip your tea as you sigh deeply as a thought is stuck in your head “am I getting older or the previous years were the best of my life?”.

Pastel and soft colors remind to most people the term “vintage”, older eras and this is cos romance was prevailing in the past. Or this what they think at least. Personally I see nothing romantic on men being shot under a lady’s window cos he desires to be with her. Neither when the girl is crying when she’s married to someone who hates but her parents love as later on she sends secret letters to her real love. It makes  me fee sad, depressed but really, how you feel about that?

If you desire romance in your life but still on a spicy way, how about going back to your past and remember how you used to flirt? This time though, you are more mature than ever, you can learn from the mistakes of your past. Sophisticated romance then? Yes please! You just want the guy of your dreams to let a pink rose on your work’s desk but definitely you need him alive for the most beautiful date ever, yes?

Feelings, the Key of our Memories

That unwanted time comes when you feel completely lost, you don’t know what’s wrong, your stomach hurts and you almost black out. You get locked in your room wondering what’s wrong with you. You won’t reply on the non stop calls from friends, your family worries but you don’t care. Lost in your thoughts…. or not? That huge feeling, the one that will explode and you are afraid that you will open the worm can. By closing your eyes, your vision is black and blank. The question keeps coming back to you “What’s wrong with me? How can I fix that? I feel I know nothing….”. Many people stop here since their fear coming from their root chakra, the fear of change and misplacing.

You though, you can do the next step. Follow that feeling, it reminds you something, doesn’t it? You have been there before, in this lifetime or in a previous one. Past life traumas – samskaras as they are called otherwise – are being piled up till you come to the point that the only way out is to break it. I will give you an easy example: let’s say that in your past life you were married to a guy and you had many issues in your marriage, in this lifetime you meet him again but the circumstances are weird and you cannot be with him. You get stuck in this negative cycle of feelings, you know that there is no way out but you want to feel the pain, the sorrow, the depression. Addictive behavior? Indeed. Can it be healed just like that and move on? I’m afraid no unless you get yourself regress your past life issues with this person.

Don’t be afraid of following that feeling, it may seem like it’s “wrong” but it’s definitely the best thing to do. You have to trust yourself, focus on the first three chakras – root, sacral and solar plexus – and let the energy flow there. Red, orange and yellow pants will definitely help the energies flow and you will be able to deal a bit easier with these feelings. If you want a free introductory past life reading and aura/ energy reading, then you can visit the page I run with my husband on facebook http://www.facebook.com/PsychicNest?ref=hl .