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Parties, Crowds, Energy Vampires and You

During the week, you anticipate for the weekend to come, to get out and have fun on a club with your friends. Have you noticed what usually happens to your body when you come back home after being in a party or a crowded place these days? If you are not a person who drinks a lot and suffers from hangover but you still feel wasted, tired and drained, then it’s time to think twice about going back. Or maybe not. Your friends will think that you are weird. Some of them will say that you are not social even. The question is “Do you care?” but the most important is “Do you really know what is going on when you are in a big crowd?”.

Nowadays movies and TV shows have brainwashed us with vampires, werewolves and all these “What if” in your head “What if they were real in this world”. The thing that these shows won’t tell you is that actually they are real. More real than you think. Not in the sense of them drinking blood but on an energetic level. You will notice when you are around these people that they want your constant attention; it can be your mother or even your best friend. Or that famous singer who gives that big performance on stage. It doesn’t matter who is it but the energy they carry. Or better the energies they do take from people.

How do energy vampires “work”? Why in the end you should pay attention to them? Their desire for attention makes their energies to shift into cords. Imagine now how a spider works. She looks for her prey while creating all this big web around her and whoever gets stuck, he’s doomed. The same thing happens on an energetic level with the energy vampires. They create their “web” and they drain people from their energies. You can see on their faces an euphoric expression, being “high” without being on drugs, being more energetic while you and the people around them feeling more and more tired.

They always pick the right “victims”, people they know that their energies have high frequencies. If that specific person keeps calling you every Saturday to go clubbing without you knowing him that well and you just say yes only cos you have no one to hang around, then you do know that you are the “chosen one”. The best solution to this problem is to wear as much white as you can on your clothes and accessories so as to reflect their energy attacks. Be aware, protect your energy field by creating energy shields and go out now. You still want to go for clubbing and this time you know this; no more unwanted headaches, no more draining, no more being tired!


New Year and Revised Heart Chakra

Every year you want a resolution, something that will actually motivate you and make you happy when accomplished. Admit it though that most of the times, something happens out of nowhere and in the end of the year you haven’t accomplished your resolution. How about this year you just let yourself feeling free to do what you want to do? Keep in mind that by having a simple thought, let’s say that you want to lose weight, you have actually programmed your subconsciousness to work on that while you are busy all day. Though as much as you want to work on yourself, you need “real” people around you with good intentions, who really care about you as a person.

You cannot choose your family members, your coworkers but you do choose your friends. You will call your best friend at night crying when your ex broke up with you through facebook. You will ask her clothing advice when you go shopping together. There are though times you wish you never met her. She’s mean, she mistreats you but you feel that you have no one else around you. So you stay in that friendship knowing that you are not satisfied by the energy exchange, you feel that you keep giving and you take nothing back.

This new year though, how about giving your heart chakra a good cleansing? It will hurt but trust me that in the end you will feel much better. Meditate, walk outside, go to the park or a way that suits you better, you definitely need a space to relax, to think with clear mind. Start working with your heart chakra, see who has a place in your heart and who doesn’t. If your fear of being lonely stops you, it’s not an excuse when your “friends” will just be like energy vampires sucking your energies and your time. If that means that you won’t have any of your old friends, then remember that you can always meet new interesting people.

Remember that sometimes you meet people and you feel connected right away to them. You can talk hours and hours as you keep telling them “I feel like knowing you for years”. This is actually true as you pretty much remember them from past lives. This could be a good thing and a bad at the same time. You actually found your real friend, the one with whom you used to hang around in many past lives. Though you may find a person you knew and harmed you but your soul remembers their energies, therefore you are around them. So while doing your heart chakra cleansing, always recognize your friends’ energy imprint!