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Déjà Vu, Cellular Memory and Reoccuring Dreams

It’s a rainy morning but you have promised to your friend that you will meet him to the cafeteria. While you are getting dressed, you remember that strange dream you had last night. Actually the last months, it keeps repeating itself and the fear that it will come back makes you feel uneasy. You quickly ignore this thought as you take the train and you meet your friend half an hour later. “Your eyes are more sparkly than the stars today. I really missed you”, as he hugs you tight and you say both at the same time ” I missed you more than yesterday.” You both freeze and you stare at each other.

Déjà Vu“, you both say again as an awkward smile on your faces shows up. When you go back home, you are still confused on what happened as flashes from your dream keep coming back. “The further progression of human lifetimes that coexisted on planet Earth was known as reincarnation. It allowed for any given genetic race to live again in a different place and time on Earth; the cycles between soul and body in these processes were and still are governed by the Earth realms known as the Heavens and the Underworld; these realms are where life contracts from the Akashic Records are regulated, recreated, and transformed. With a life contract, a soul can reincarnate in a living consciousness field much like planet Earth in ways that align with the relief of lingering karma.”

Déjà Vu and dreams are the stored information on your cellular memory. When an event – usually traumatic – or intense emotions take place in your life, then you start getting all these memory flashbacks. The more you try to ignore them, the more they will manifest in your dreams. This is one of reasons why people have insomnia. The fear that you will have these intense dreams is getting more real. The fact though that you are scared of them it means that your body is reacting on something that remembers it got harmed by it. It’s like when you had an accident with a bike when you were a kid. Next time you ride a bike, you will have that annoying feeling but usually memories like that, especially the painful ones, are being stored in your memory so as to be difficult to get extracted.

This is how your body reacts especially when karmic issues are up on the surface. Past life regression on a conscious level which will let you revive and remember fully what happened, it’s very important for your emotional health. Meditation techniques also that help your body relax completely and help you remember your past lives is another way to approach this issue. Keep in mind that fear is the last thing that should keep you distracted. Are you ready to face yourself? Are you ready to unlock all the secrets of your past?

If you have any questions or you desire a free introductory past life reading, then don’t hesitate to visit me and Zed’s page on Facebook or on the Psychic Nest Blog.


Don’t let the Nightmares take over

Nightmares or dreams that give you a really bad feeling when you wake up could have a deeper meaning than you may think. Keep in mind that when your body is resting your consciousness is doesn’t sleep, on the other hand all your defense mechanisms are down. In your daily life, especially when you are hanging around with people, you keep a part of yourself hidden even from your own self. By going to sleep, there is no reason to protect yourself from the others so the subconsciousness veil is being lifted. You have everything it needs for a good sleep: relaxation music, dim lights and a great bubble bath. The next morning, you just realized that you had again a nightmare which you pushed away another time. Needless to say that the reoccurring dreams are the worst as if you are locked on a movie and your dream reality is being repeated. Is it something drastic that can solve this mess and you actually enjoy a great night sleep?

If you haven’t done it till now, keep a dream journal and write the dream down right after you wake up. You will see you get the specific feelings from some dreams, this means that they are on the same category and they should be examined together. Dreams usually have to do with things that happened to you in the past, things that bother you daily and memories that are stored from another lifetime. Depending on the dream, start deciphering it by yourself, you will see how your dreams in the end are not so far away from your reality. I’m not talking about your 3d reality but your multidimensional one. You are more than what you think you are. You will also notice that when you start realizing what is going on in your dreams, you will instantly take control of them. Accept the emotions and fears, this is the first thing for healing. If you want to learn more about past lives take a look here or contact me !


I’m so tempted to Surrender

Your dream came true, the man you are in love with makes love to you, the relaxing music, the dazzling candles, the romantic atmosphere and the question that pops “Baby, do you surrender to me?”. The moment is so intense, you reply right away “yes, I do” with a seductive voice as the rest of the night keeps being beautifully busy. The next morning you get up, you make breakfast for both of you but there is something that bothers you since last night. Do you feel the internal fight of your sacral and solar plexus? What actually happened last night?

Your stimulated sacral gave a reply to the question faster than your solar plexus. Ego versus emotions then and here we go with you not looking at him in the eyes while enjoying your first breakfast together. Work on your solar plexus a bit and ask yourself with honesty “Have I ever surrendered to myself before I surrender to anyone else?”. If you feel your throat chakra blocking the answer, take a deep breath and exhale slowly, feeling the energies clearing your throat. The blockage comes from the fact that you don’t want to admit that it’s real, you surrendered to someone else before surrendering to your own Self. Though why does surrender means in the end?

Surrender means to let your Ego down and all the shields you have for other people but mostly for yourself. All these emotional blockages, fears, everything is locked in your solar plexus. The fear that you will let everything out will make you vulnerable. The way you felt last night with your man, fragile but you would never admit it to yourself cos after this you will feel that you need someone to protect you. Keep in mind that if you don’t know how to be the guardian of your self, you will eventually depend on other people. You have to teach yourself how to embrace that vulnerable side, love yourself for who you are!


Once I had a Dream

When you were a kid you always had dreams for the future, you wanted to become a dancer, a singer, a pilot, a painter but your parents taught you otherwise. “If you don’t have a good job, you will end up begging for a couple of pennies on the streets”, you dad said and your mom added “Your future is important, how you will support your kids and your family?”, so they made you get locked in the room and think. Being older than you, they should know better, right? As years went boy, you became a good mother, a nice family around you to be proud of, a job that gives you enough for vacation but… There is a big BUT here, sometimes before you go to sleep, it’s in your mind “What if I had a big garden with many animals? What if I made handmade stuff for living?” and then you just fall asleep in that thought.

It’s never too late to pursue your dreams, you can still take classes, you can still be creative, you can still do the things you always wanted. The fear of the unknown, the fear of getting out of your box keeps you back but give yourself a chance to prove what you can do. It’s not about the money, about fame, about others, it’s about your soul pleasure. No words can describe how happy you will feel after expressing yourself, how fulfilled as a person you will be, how your life will start changing in a way you never expected. You may have heard other people ‘s stories but you still hesitate. This is how I was too before I start this blog, before I decide to express myself fully as my only thoughts was about judgement, fear, hesitation. Thank you all so much for supporting me, I really appreciate it!