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Feather Inspiration #79


Black and white – Pop the Balance bubble

One of the common tips for interview is the black and white outfit, since it makes you look professional. Professional in other words means balanced, your employer will get these vibes from you and if your questions are the expected ones, you have a place in their company. So how this balance works with the colors? The black absorbs the energies of the environment and people while white is reflecting everything. If you want an easy example on how the color black works, you can find it here and for white use the opposite example. Chic and classy is being defined again by the combination of these two colors, so simple and so effective at the same time. What happens though when you want to enhance creative energies coming out of this balance? By adding color to this combination through make up or accessories.

Depending on the color, the energies from your chakras are popping out giving a specific impression. Here you can find all the positive traits of the chakras and how the colors work. For example if you wear black and white outfit for an interview, avoid to wear orange, you will give them the impression that you are emotional, so this will get interpreted that in the future you may turn to be a drama queen. If you add red though, make sure that it’s not too much – avoid red lipstick cos it shows aggressiveness through your speech – and wear a red ring which will show them that you are grounded, you know what you want and that they can count on you. Again though, it depends the nature of the job, if you are going to work on a store as a sale assistant, make sure that on the first interview, you wear yellow. It shows your willingness to work and being energetic the whole day. One last but not least to keep in mind is to know your strength and weaknesses and empower them with the specific color!

Fast Impressive Cooking

Expecting friends at home and you need to cook something quick, delicious and impressive at the same time? Fruits and vegetables are your best friend, not only for the vitamins but for the endorphins release too. I love healthy fast food, so while searching for new recipes I found the Spicy Thai Shrimp Salad and the Chicken & Fruit Salad  and they seem yummy! If you didn’t know till now, fruits and vegetables raise your vibrations and your energy level. How many times have you noticed that after having dinner with friends, you all usually feel tired, dull but you try hard not to ruin the night? Well this is the last thing you expect when your dishes will be accompanied by fruits and vegetables. Grains and spices can give an exotic note to your food too. A little additional advice, the colors of your clothes should be close to the food you are serving. This will give a delicate impression to your friends and within 1 and a half hour, you will have food ready, clothes and make up. Have a wonderful Saturday and whatever you do, have fun!

Wear black? Watch your back!

Back to the basics, especially when you are in rush or you really don’t know what to wear. Black is a color that can easily be paired with either neutral colors, neon or  just go goth/rock style. Something that you may not know is that black is an energetically “dangerous” color. It literally sucks the energies for the environment you are in and especially the people in the same area with you. Without you knowing it, you become a vessel ready to be filled with all kinds of energies. I will give you a very easy example so as to understand easier how this works. Wear your black shirt and get out of your house, make sure that it’s a sunny day. The first thing you feel is that warmth on your body but if you stay longer, you will start sweating and feeling bothered.

Now the same happens with people and items, everything is made of energy and radiates energy. It’s like when you wear black and you go to a club, now imagine all these people being like little suns. The next thing you know, when you go back home, you feel tired, exhausted, having headaches and you just want to sleep but when you lay down, your eyes won’t close. A part of it, it’s the hangover but the main reason you feel like that is that you sucked all the people’s energies in that club. The energies will just nest on your chakras, I’m sure you feel that hangover going for a couple days.

Though you love black, I love black and yes all girls love black cos it’s sexy, it gets our wild side out since it’s related to our root chakra. How do you work on that, wearing your favorite color without having the side effects? Agate, amethyst, black tourmaline and goldstone are some good gemstones for cleansing and renewing the energies of the body along with the spiritual protection. Any accessories that sparkle or are mirror-like are your friends, since they are reflecting other people’s energies. Lavender, magnolia and ylang-ylang are some essences that will balance the energies in your body, therefore all the negative energy will get out of your body. The classic also look black and white brings balance, since black works as an energy sponge and white reflects the energies back to the environment. Whatever you do, keep in mind that your energetic body health comes first!