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Feather Inspiration #68


Are you Mad at Me or at Yourself?

Your boyfriend calls you and cancels the date. You are mad at him. Your boss asks you to change something on a report. You are mad her. A random guy calls you by accident cos he dialed the wrong  number. You are mad at him. Numerous everyday examples could be posted here but eventually you got the point. You are irritated most of the day, a small thing goes wrong and you explode. Have you noticed that not even your best friend is calling you lately? Have you paid attention on your cat’s behavior? She’s hiding all over the house. Do you feel like being nominated with the Negative Vortex Award? What’s wrong with you? Before you start storming off towards me too, back off a bit and go to your mirror.

Don’t refuse to see your frowning face, your shaking hands – you don’t have to wonder what it is anymore – and the bad habit you have lately to mess with your hair. You are about to cry but you won’t, you are strong enough to get through this. For the sake of your emotional state, stop, just stop. Take a big breath, make hot cocoa, lay on the couch and play some relaxing music. Now look within, what is really bothering you? This is the question you should ask yourself. Before you start blaming all the others, just focus on your inner world.

If you feel like writing a blog, meditate, do yoga or go outside to walk next to the sea, just do it. The more you ignore the problem, the worse it becomes. It’s like trying to cage a monster and since you fail, you decide not to pay attention to it. What happens after this? Pretty much the monster starts “eating” you, this anger starts taking over and it won’t take long before you will end up with a panic attack, depression or even health problems. When your body and soul keep warning you, make yourself a big favor to pay attention to the signs. Don’t let situations like that be the big obstacle for your happiness!