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Don’t be afraid to create your own Reality

“We are creators. As creations, we hold the divine imprints of the cosmos within ourselves.” Any changes show us that we are ready to disconnect from our reality and we are ready to jump to the next one. A reality within a new reality, the world we create. Your microcosm affected by your energies, the people around you as you create your own cosmic network. The dynamics of each change is up to you, reminding you the basic rule of this creation; free will. The possibilities are infinite so as you.

The last year you have this big issue with the landlord. You want to find a new apartment but you start thinking all the parameters of your moving out. How much is going to cost, your dog will change environment, you will spend a lot of time to make your space the way you want it, you even need more time to meet all these new people in your neighborhood. In the end you just think that the landlord may have some bad days and his attitude will change over time. The time goes by, you keep getting more excuses as you refuse to move out.

Changes by themselves are not scary. Our mindset creates this illusion field which contains the excuses. If you look behind them, you will see these weird shadows. These are the real deal, the fear why you don’t want to take the necessary decisions. In fact these fears merge together by creating a bigger fear; the paradox of the fear of the fear itself. If you admit this, then you have done the first step to push a bit forward.

When you will go to your new apartment, you will start creating again. It’s like when you destroy a spiderweb. The spider won’t quit but she will go to a new place and make her home again. If she can do it, you can do it to. If you need more inspiration, look around you. Read articles and watch videos about the animal kingdom. You know, we are not that far away from them. “What human history books say about animals is that they have co-existed with us for as long as we can document; we even see animals in ancient documents and old wall carvings. Yet we have not quite made the connection between the pair of us and them. The truth is that we are them; today, humanity is in a dislocated form.

Now you have a couple more reasons to see yourself as a creator. If you feel a bit hesitant, it’s cos of how technology has taken over humanity. This is how we slowly forgot that we can create, to use all the means we have as humans. Do you feel a bit more motivated now to move out? Do you feel doing a couple more changes in your life? Feel alive, feel stronger, don’t be afraid to create your own reality. You are more than you think you are and you can make small miracles everyday!


You, your broken heart and a hidden truth

A couple years ago you met this gorgeous guy, you fell instantly in love with him as you started dating frequently. You asked advice from your friends and they told you to be careful on what you say, on what you do cos you don’t want him to get the wrong idea of you. Then you read a bunch of articles around net how the first dates should be. Then you bought this magazine since most girls consider it the best for love advice. The days go by and you have created a stable wall and some more barriers around you.

Now you do feel safe to be around him. A date after a date, a year after a year and a common decision to live with him in the same house. It’s the man you dreamed. It’s what you always wanted, to share the same apartment with a person who understand you completely, who treats you like a queen. The first months seem like a fairytale. The next ones start feeling like you try hard to climb on a mountain.

Now the secrets start taking place and create another wall between you and him. You don’t lie to him yet this distance is getting bigger. The fights lead nowhere lately and you don’t know why. That night you yell at him “You don’t know who I am!” and he replies “I thought I knew you. I don’t know who you are anymore.”. He slams the door and leaves you behind bursting into tears. What happened? Why he left you?

You should better ask yourself “Did he ever know me as person? Did I ever give him a chance?” and then remember how you wanted to be the perfect girlfriend for him. Remember now how you created your beautiful and stable wall. Remember how you never told him so many things about you cos you thought he would never like you. How can you be with someone if you cannot be yourself? How can you build a relationship based on a fake image you project?

Trust yourself, love yourself, start listening more carefully to that little voice inside you. Next time you go on a date, don’t ask for advice. Let your intuition lead you. If it was not the right choice, at least it was yours and only yours. Above all be real, the person who will be around you, he will accept you for who you are not for who you make him think that you are. Honesty is a strong base for a beautiful relationship. Just go for it!

Neat house, neat energy flow

When you buy your favorite magazine or while browsing the web, you find all these wonderful photos about houses, apartments, all designed in a beautiful way. You get up to go to grab a snack from the kitchen but you quickly realize that your house is a mess; cups all over the coffee table, many clothes on the bed, a couple newspapers on the floor. Pretty much your house is far away from what you see around net. You barely have time to deal with the house, it’s your job too that takes you a lot of time, now you feel all the way guilty for failing to have the perfect house. Stop here and take a deep breath. Remember that these houses have the same and even more issues than yours. You just need to focus on your house and only for now.

If you don’t want to come to the point when you have to spend two days to clean the whole house, do the things you have to do on time. You drink your coffee? Clean the cup right away. You come back home and you take off the clothes? Fold them and sort them in the closet. It seems so easy but it’s so effective. Needless to say that a messy house is the  nest of negative energies. How so? Since you project your negativity, the energies have a big impact on the house. Next thing you know, you feel tired, you are grumpy, sometimes you will notice that items even break in the house. If you have to take some furniture off the house, then do it. Reorganizing the free space will make it work for you better. You don’t need to spend money on new stuff, just sit down, write on a paper which are your needs and how much time you have everyday for your home. Happy mood and a beautiful house!

Get Inspired and be Grateful

It’s one of these days that you complain about everything in your life, your apartment is small, you need a better car, you should go out more often and so on. You wake up next morning and you get an unexpected call from your boss “I’m sorry to inform you that you are fired. I wish things were different.”. You just freeze there as you hear the beep of the hanging up call. Oh well, you will find another job right? The months go by, no jobs available, you pass by the stores and you stare at all the clothes you ever wanted to buy. Your life has turned upside down, the way out seems far away and now what?

You make a quick hot cup of cocoa as you  now realize that small things make you happy. Your boyfriend calls you, this time it feels so different while talking to him. This old lady who always takes care of your plants, you never paid attention to that before. That bird who just sat on your balcony, you feel so lucky seeing it around. Remember to be grateful for all the things in your life, never take anything for granted.