Feather Inspiration #77


9 thoughts on “Feather Inspiration #77

    • You are so right on that! Kids need more creative stuff to get interested and develop their skills. Creative games on computer are fine but not only those!

  1. I grew up with no computers or mobile phones, and I loved it. With my children I did play lots of boardgames and we did lots of creative things together. It was always fun and we all enjoyed it. I still have a drawer full of pipecleaners, pens, gluesticks, glitter and wonderful coloured paper. With one grown up son and a teenager we don’t do much like that any more, but still play the odd board or card game together which is always fun.
    I absolutely love boardgames. 🙂

    • That’s great! I love board games too so much! Especially those that have to do with mystery and adventure, when you have to think about your next move!

  2. Absolutely True ! I notice this and so just give my son a hour on comp only in vacation. Rest of the time ,I ask him to read books or play outside.

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