Liebster Award and a couple more Celebrations!

Happy Women’s Day! For me this day represents the female energies in general, the divine feminine. Since our world is based on duality, we all do have male and female energies in our body although many people prefer to suppress one side. Embrace your feminine side, feel how it is to be a mother and a warrior at the same time, all these qualities that make you powerful and soft too. The most important of all is to be the woman you need, the mother of yourself and by using that understanding, spread your wings and fly.

Another wonderful thing that happened yesterday and gave me and my husband a big smile is that Psychic Nest on Facebook hit the 1000 fans. The page was created on November 6th with much love and care from both of us, a big step to share with the world our knowledge but learn at the same time through the experience. Being teachers and students of the universe, we are both thankful for the love and support coming from you all. This week we will host a contest which will have 2 winners for a basic reading each. Don’t forget that for all our new fans we offer free introductory auric / energy reading and past life reading. Stay tuned!

Today also I’m very happy to accept for the first time the Liebster award from a wonderful lady and blogger, the Hurt Healer . Her posts are powerful and always deliver a positive message to the reader. I’m glad that I found her blog a long time ago, it’s always my pleasure to read her wonderful posts. One of my favorite ones is “Alone doesn’t have to mean lonely.” which I’m sure that many will find it uplifting especially if loneliness is knocking your door. The Liebster Award has the following rules:

  • Post eleven random facts about yourself.

  • Answer eleven questions asked by the person who nominated you.

  • Think of a new set of eleven questions and nominate eleven others to answer them.

My random facts are:

1) I love eating my strawberries raw, without sugar or in a fruit salad.

2) I do believe that dreams is an alternate reality, a playground in where we can experiment with life or remember past events.

3) Many times I stare at the sky, hoping to see a shooting star and make a wish.

4) I can’t sleep when the door of my room is open.

5) In the past I used to be afraid of the dark, I had a hard time sleeping at night.

6) One of my favorite things is to help friends with clothing and make-up.

7) When I buy gifts, it’s usually for other and not me. The smile on their face is my reward and so priceless.

8) I can talk on the phone, cook and check my e-mails at the same time, I love multitasking.

9) In the past I was afraid to lose a friend, now if someone has to go, I know that it was meant to happen.

10) I prefer small apartments than big houses.

11) When an issue pops up, I make sure that I solve it right away.

My eleven questions set by the Hurt Healer are:

1. Who inspires you? – My inspiration comes from the bloggers I’m following already and the fans of the Psychic Nest .

2. Who is the most important person in your life? – My husband, since I met him, he changed my whole life, especially on a spiritual level.

3. What is your greatest achievement? – When I help people everyday, I already consider it as my biggest award and achievement at the same time.

4. What do you dream of? – The time when the true reality will be unveiled, the one that it’s being hidden in plain sight by the government and the elite.

5. What makes you smile? – The beauty of the nature always give me a big smile.

 6. What would you change about you? – My impatience, especially when I wish all the changes within and in the world would happen in one day.

7. How do you think others see you? – Many times they feel uncomfortable cos they feel that I can see through their souls as if I mirror them. At the same time I believe that they feel that a friend is always there for them.

8. What advice would you give to your teenage self? – Never let other people’s opinion on your issues. You do know better how and when to solve them.

8. How do you relax?  – I drink ginger tea and then I meditate under the sounds of epic music.

9. Where do you think you will be this time next year? – Life is unpredictable, I can’t say for sure where or how I will be. I like surprises.

10. What is your Facebook link?


Here are the questions for my nominees:

1) What made you to start blogging?

2) Do you exercise and if yes how?

3) If you were a president for one day, what would you change in your country?

4) Which thing you would change from your daily routine?

5) Is there any big event that made you change the way you see life?

6) If you could thank someone, who would it be?

7) What will make you stop trusting a person?

8) If you had to move to another country, which one would it be?

9) Life on another planet: What’s your opinion on that?

10) Do you ever regret things that you do? If yes, do you feel that some of them are repetitive?

11) When you meet a new person, what do you always check on them?

Here are my nominees:













24 thoughts on “Liebster Award and a couple more Celebrations!

  1. Another congrats to you Ruby!
    And – thanks for sharing this one with me. One of these days I will get to acknowledging my awards. I am quite behind on these. Thank you for thinking of me. 🙂

    • Thank you so much my friend! The award always means a lot to me, a token of appreciation from all the readers! Many hugs and love to you! 🙂

  2. Such a wonderful post to go along with your very well-deserved award. And thank you so much for enjoying my blog enough to include it here!! Your answers to the list of questions are delightful and show that you truly are a kindred spirit. ‘Helping people everyday’ is beautiful, and honoring your husband touches my heart. All your answers are wonderful, and I can hardly wait to visit and like your FB page! Loving Hugs, Gina xo

    • Gina thank you so much for all your kind words. It was a long run till today but I believe that we are not even half way. Life has so many lessons to teach us and we are here to learn and teach. Our nest is there for all the hatchlings, so I will be waiting to see you in Facebook and connect there too! Have an amazing Saturday! 🙂

  3. Yay well done! :D. I don’t regret anything I do…well actually at the time I may do but later in life I begin to connect the dots and realise that everything happens for a reason.

    • Thank you Chanele! We are on the same mindset! I never regret about my decisions cos I know that at that time it was the best I could do. It’s so true, in the end everything happens for a reason! 🙂

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