All Grown Up – Responsibility and Reality

“I’m all grown up mom, you don’t need to tell me what to do”, you exclaimed when you were 10 years old. “I want to be a child again, when I had no problems back then”, you sobbed when you lost your job. Did you ever grow up in the end? Did you get yourself lost in the process? Many times people do rush since they things cos the idea of being present on another period of time seems amazing. It’s like wanting to be a parent only by thinking that kids are super cute. Growing up always brings responsibilities and this is what you didn’t keep in mind. Life is not easy but it can be easier if you are conscious of the changes. You can’t expect to be all grown up without facing the changes and the responsibilities. This right away points to your root chakra , to all your fears and how all these years you’ve been able to cope with.

Physical growth comes along with the years but spiritual and personality growth doesn’t follow this paradigm. You could be 80 years old but with attitude of a 10 year old kid or vice versa. Work on the reality you create on a daily basis and be present. Don’t try to rush life for any reason. The more you push forward, the more you pack issues and you try to run with them on your back. In the end you will break down, you will realize that you have to face more problems than you ever expected. Root chakra meditation would be beneficial to the point that you will be able to feel grounded and ready for the life’s challenges. Don’t be grown up cos someone told you so. Don’t be grown up cos you want to escape a situation. Be grown up cos you are mature enough to be responsible for your own self!


3 thoughts on “All Grown Up – Responsibility and Reality

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  2. Growing old is there, growing up is optional…. they say. Being a child again, no thank you, but acting silly sometimes is fun. I am glad about my age and growing “old” as I feel I keep learning so much more every year, which I have not when I was younger, not even in my 20’s. So responsibilities come with it, but that is ok as I can handle it. I am still free and can do what I like and dream about , even more so now than before. I really enjoy getting older and growing up!

    • It makes sense cos you are not worried about the responsibilities cos you just want to be present and enjoy every moment. When I was a kid, I always felt that I’m more mature than my age. School bored me a lot, I wanted a better challenge for my life. If I could go back in time though, I wouldn’t change the events that happened in my life but only my behavior and the way I saw things. 🙂

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