Criticism and how bad you want to avoid it

You dyed your hair to your favorite color and you go out with your best friend a couple hours later. When you ask her if she likes your hair, she gives you the look of fail. You are at work and a customer tells you that you should be fired for being so rude. After all you just want to stay home, sit on your bed and have your laptop ready for some online action. As you start networking, you get some very negative feedback. Are you doing something wrong? Why people are so judgmental? Is there anything you can do to make them stop? First of all keep in mind that it’s not your fault. As far as there is free will in this world, people will voice their opinions. You like it or not, you can’t avoid criticism but you can play it smart. If something affects you so bad, it means that it holds some truth. What does this mean? Let’s say that a random woman on a playground says how a bad mother you are cos you keep talking on the phone and paying no attention to your kid. Next thing you know, you are so mad at her that you start a fight.

Pretty much you acted like a wounded animal who  just had its wound touched. This woman just said something that you feel it’s true. If it was completely false, you wouldn’t be annoyed at all. So instead of having this fight, ignore this woman, get your kid, go home and think. Think a lot. Are you really a bad mother? You are not but sometimes you feel like that cos you have no time for yourself. You can set your mindset in that way so you can solve the issue. Insecurities come out first as a defense mechanism when we are all being criticized. If you consider it as a bad thing, think that it was the only way to pay attention on the current issue. All this time you were avoiding it cos you felt bad. Time to work on criticism instead of shoving it away. Lessons in life are never easy but if they were, you wouldn’t pay that much attention!


5 thoughts on “Criticism and how bad you want to avoid it

  1. One thing I love about people, and find so interesting, is their different perspectives. How did we all come to be so unique? But that’s what makes us special, isn’t it. I hope people find comfort in your lovely post. 🙂

    • Oh you are back after all these days! I hope you rested! I agree with you, we are all unique and with different opinions, we just need to work it out on how to blend together! Have a lovely day! 🙂

  2. I agree with what you say . Nobody likes criticism, but all people have different perspectives. Learning from criticism is the best way, thinking about it helps very much. Then sometimes people are just very judgemental and that is not very constructive. Great post.

    • Being judgmental is not so annoying as nosy. For example let’s say that you bought a new dress and you ask your best friend how it looks on you. She starts saying that you should lose some weight, it looks bad, etc. This one is “fine” to the point that you asked her opinion. How about a person you barely know and says something like “damn, you look horrible on that dress”. You get my point here!

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