The dark side of Your Moon

We all have a dark side or better a side of ourselves that we didn’t know it exists. On a big emotional pressure and tension such as a fight or when we have lost control by drinking alcohol for example, then you see this “monster” coming out. You don’t recognize yourself and you are scared that you will push people away with this behavior. Well not really, you are more scared of dealing with this part of yourself. If you are wondering how this happened to you, think logically all the moments that caused you pain in the past. Someone broke your heart, the bad relationship with your parents, the boss who keeps telling you that you are not good enough for the job and so on. You don’t want to deal with these issues cos it hurts. It makes total sense but think now what you do. All these little moments are being piled up. They start forming and create a part of yourself who is completely negative. Consciously you are able to control it or silence it but there will be moments that you will lose control.

You can’t do otherwise but to deal with the “monster”. You may have a hard time to deal with that but trust me it will be the best decision you ever made. A simple way to start solving the puzzle, it’s to write down all the things that happened to you till now. Then categorize them according to how much they have effected you. Start with the most hurtful ones, work on your chakras by cleansing them and then move to the next one. You have heard that our worst enemies are ourselves. It’s true when you realize how little you know yourselves while you demand others at the same time to understand you. It’s not your fault but yet you can start working on that. Don’t let fear keep you back, have faith and put all the love on yourself. Are you ready to deal with it?


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