A Rose Under the Rain

It’s time to go home after work, you rush outside as today you didn’t think that it would rain and you forgot your umbrella. While running to catch the last train you stumble upon a guy who’s selling roses. You apologize really quick but he gives you a quick smile and hands you a rose. “Thank you”, you say without thinking much and you check your watch continuously. You need to get the train to get back home. This weather makes you want to snuggle on the couch with your cat. Being lucky enough to get in the train the last minute, you hold the rose close to your chest. A couple of the pedals fall down, the poor rose is so fragile under the rain. Instead of trying to keep the pedals close, you just let them fall. “The rose would probably survive into someone else’s hands”, you think and tears come up. You lower your eyes trying to hide to face as you keep checking your watch. You are not that far away from the house.

When you arrive home, you just throw the rose in the garbage. Some moments later you go back and you take it out. This rose represents all the good things in your life that you never thought you deserve. This rose holds the beauty as you hold nothing. Destructive thoughts cloud your mind. Hang on there. Just pull the curtain a bit and check the sky. Do you see the rainbow? The rain is over. The tears are over. Sadness is over but it may come back. Make some room for happiness. Make some room for a big smile. You can’t have rainbow everyday or rain. The sun will come out too, maybe just a cloudy day. Just have some faith on yourself. Even a small dose is enough to make the difference. Go to the mirror and give to you a big smile cos you deserve it!


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