C’est la vie mon cherie

Don’t you love the way you program your life and everything works fine for you? The only fear is that your agenda may turn into routine. Well this is fine for you, who likes changes anyway right? Last Friday night, you went with your best friends to the theater to watch a movie. The girl had an amazing affair with a guy, then something happened and her life changed completely. The popcorn was fantastic, the giggles with your friends made your night and the known talk after the movie. “What if girls this happened to us too?”, you asked them but they just shrugged. You shrugged too, you went at home but you still had these thoughts in your mind. Oh well, you just went to sleep, these things happen only in movies. Real life is so far away from that. Or this is what you thought till that day. The next day you got that phone call from your mom. She had these terrible news you never expected to hear from her mouth. After this, just silence in the room.

You just realized after this that as much as you try to program your life, one moment can change everything. Though you wished that it was a pretty moment, not a heartbreaking one. Have you ever thought what life would be without drama, tears, pain, suffer? Get up in the morning and everything is perfect. You go at work and everyone agrees with you, you talk with your boyfriend on the phone and it’s boring cos he always says yes. Then boredom knocks your door and the only thing you have somewhere hidden in your room is a DVD with a movie. It’s the movie that always made you very emotional. It’s when you realize that passion comes from these big life changes. The only thing you need to do is to see ahead. Never ask why this happened to me. Just wonder why you had to learn this lesson. Don’t forget “C’ est la vie” !


2 thoughts on “C’est la vie mon cherie

  1. Nobody likes huge changes in life but sometimes they are good to get out of the rut. The best way as you say is what am I learning from it. I like this post, and it makes me go forward and not worry about changes. Ute x

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