When happiness stops being a drug

Years come and go and you still try to define happiness in your life. All these little things that make you smile, all these moments that truly gave you a taste of happiness and this one guy who means the world to you. When you met him, you had a lot of fun, heartwarming conversations, walking next to the seashore and the most important; he made you smile, he gave your life a different meaning. Your face was shining and every time you talked with your friends, you kept telling them that he’s the one, you are so happy with him. One day he shows up and he asks you to break up with him. You pushed him a lot he said. You wanted the perfect man he said. He made you happy while he was not he said. You stay there frozen, so numb as he wished you all the best in your life. He closed the door as you kept staying there numb. He took the happiness with him.

The next months, you were depressed. How could he do that to you? You blame him but keep in mind that you hold responsibility too. How can you rely on someone for making you happy? This means that before you meet him, you never really felt what happiness is. It starts from within and if you keep searching it outside of yourself in the means of a thing or person then it won’t take long that it will turn into your drug. If a show on TV is the only thing that makes you happy, then it’s when you know that you made it your happiness drug. When the show stops, you will become depressed. What’s your inner spark? What really makes you happy? No one is perfect and happiness is far away from perfection. It’s a big journey and you are ready to enjoy it!


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