Fairytales and myths, do you believe in them?

Do you remember when you were a kid how much you loved fairy-tales, mythology and all these stories that sounded supernatural? You didn’t question them at all, you knew that they are true. By going to school, your teachers and some of your friends tried to pop your bubble. They said that stories are for kids. They said that you are silly if you believe in them. They asked you if you see these creatures and when you said that you do, they asked you where. You showed them on the thin air and it’s when they started making fun of you. After school, you went to your room crying. You had to choose between your reality and society’s reality. You would be you Self and outcast or pretending to be someone else and have friends. You promised that you would just keep some of these stories for you but yet again you felt so guilty.

Year later, you go to the cinema and watch these amazing fantasy movies and you cry. You get so emotional, you feel sad but when you get out of the theater you block everything out again. Have you ever wondered if you are tuned with your Self? You had that premonition dream a long time ago, that feeling that became true and some weird flashes on the corner of your eye. You mostly though feel that you are so different from the people around but you have to adapt. As a kid, before you get sucked into the society’s system, you had your own truth. Now you have the truth you are being served. Now you can consciously decide what you want to do with your real self. If you don’t know what to believe anymore, start regressing your childhood. Get into meditative state and start working on that. Keep notes and start creating your own life puzzle from the beginning. Are you ready for that?


One thought on “Fairytales and myths, do you believe in them?

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