Where is your secret place?

Do you remember when you were a kid and you had your own secret place? When you grabbed your bike and you went there every time you wanted to be alone? While growing up, you stopped going there cos you considered it childish. Sometimes you just went on your summer vacation or to  impress your boyfriend showing where you hanging around as a kid. Your work is in the big city, you barely have time to go back to your hometown. Next time you visit it, just go to that place you used to go when you were a kid. The emotions will be strong but you will face a part of yourself that got buried in there. All the fears, personal fights, heartbreaks, everything is there. Why do you feel like not going back there though? Is it nostalgia or something else?

It’s simply the realization of some things that haven’t changed since yet or some wounds you still carry. It would explain why many times you can’t sleep at nights or why you have a specific behavior towards your parents. Childhood memories are infiltrated when you are growing up, usually we all keep the pleasing ones. You won’t remember being slapped but you will remember receiving that big yummy cookie. By going back to your secret place, you will open the Pandora box. Do you want it? Not really. Will it help you to fix your current life issues? Most definitely. It takes a lot of courage to go back to your childhood but it’s definitely rewarding. Becoming a better person is a hard but well – deserving path!


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