Being comfortable in your own Feathers

When society tries to strip off uniqueness, you know deep inside you won’t go with the flow. Don’t worry if people think that you are not normal, you are not obliged to apply in the normal standards. You just want to be yourself, that beautiful soul who wants to be carefree, no matter what. When everyone wants to wear black, you just come out with your colorful outfit and when everyone wants to wear flowers on the hair, you just want to grab your roller skates and have fun. How many times you wished that the world changed? This is how you will influence the people around you, by being the real you, your true self without having to hide who you are. If there are people who just don’t want to be friends with you, then they never cared of who you really are.

If that helps you better to see your good qualities of your personality, make a list and update it frequently. Trust yourself will be easier by knowing yourself, it applies the same to the people you don’t know and they ask you to trust them right away. See yourself as a third person, if you ever met her, what would you say? What makes her to be special and different from any other? You can hold this conversation with yourself by using different color of pen. When you are done, go back and read it again. Don’t you feel that even a bit you know yourself more? The more you do this inner work, the more you will see the instant results in your life. Don’t hide that beautiful shine under ugly shadows!


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