Life is a School with many Classes

Do you remember when you were going to school, you had to wake up early, you had to face the same teachers, same annoying classes but you had to find a real reason to stay happy? It was not for the friends, how many times you had to get rid of them cos they back-stabbed you? It was not for your crush either, he barely paid attention to you. It was that class you always loved to attend. It made you feel different, alive, you wished you could go every day there. After being done with school, years later, you had to find a job and do something with your life. Some times you question yourself if you are on the right path, if you are doing the right thing. You don’t really have that much time for these questions, your busy life will give you little time for fun, going out with a couple of friends for drinks or just have that awesome date. School all over again but in a different sense now, you are the one who decides about the teachers, the classes, the friends and the boyfriend.

Have you taken advantage of this privilege yet? Don’t let your  life being lead mostly by random factors, use all the tools you have in your hands to make it better. Start a new activity with the teacher you really believe in, have a real friend around you, date the guy who really cares about you. Pick the path you want to in your life, listen to your inner voice and do what you feel like doing. So many lessons out there to learn, so many classes and so many people to interact but now you do have the choice. You know it won’t be easy but the journey is more worthy than the destination. Don’t doubt a moment that you can achieve great things, don’t let your insecurities to take over. Life is a big school and you are a very talented student!


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