Don’t judge me, I love you

Your friend lately, she’s been through situations you never thought that this would even happen to her. You considered her smarter but here she is, wanting your opinion. You start making a point out as she give you puppy eyes “Please don’t judge me, I’m your friend.”. It’s when you stop talking, thinking if you said the wrong thing. She keeps asking you what you think, you really don’t want to tell her cos she will get offended. It’s not the first time though is it? She wants to hear what she really wants to hear? Brainstorming questions popping up in your mind, you grab your purse and you find a cheap excuse to leave her house. “I’m done with her”, you murmur and you forcefully open the door of your car. Is this friendship over?

If it’s the first time that happens, you know that your friend is really confused, she needs a new perspective of her situation but she’s expecting something that she has in her mind already. On that situation, pretty much you tell her that when she’s ready to hear your opinion you will be there for her. It’s not that you don’t love her but she needs to understand that she needs to be ready for your conversation first. Detach yourself from the problem and her, without noticing you will get stuck in these thoughts most of the day cos you really want to help her. In fact she needs to be ready for help first. What people usually do when they feel like that, they project their emotions on us and create energetic cords, making us feel responsible for their issues. Chakra cleansing and conscious detachment should be done on a daily basis, making sure that we don’t carry energies that are not ours. Building a friendship is not that easy but you want it to last forever, yes?


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