Friday mood is On

This Friday night the full moon is ready to bring all these liberal energies in our lives according to the Weekly Cosmic Forecast  . If you start feeling uneasy and ready to start taking serious decisions about your life, then do it. Take your time to do things that please you though, you need to be calm and relaxed. The weekend is ahead which means that you have plenty of time to celebrate the changes in your life. Even if decide that it’s time to make these homemade chocolate cookies or it’s time to go out with a friend you met at work, then go ahead. Instead of resisting to the new universal energies, accept them and adapt to the new reality. Welcome all these new aspects of yourself that will pop up, embrace them and love them. It may be bothering you that some parts of you are not as you expected them to be but without these, you wouldn’t be the beautiful person you are now. It’s your challenge to work on them, it’s your choice to let them as they are. You are still yourself and you still have that fantastic Friday you expected the whole week!




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