I love You but I love my Heart more

Last night you watched your favorite movie with a bunch of tissues  next to you, lots of popcorn and ice cream. It reminds you a lot your story of you and him, it hurts a lot but you love him. The question is this though; do you love yourself? You gave him your heart to take care of it and he  keeps hurting it. The thing you can’t admit is that you like it. The worst even is that you gave your heart chakra away. If you are wondering if it’s that even possible, trust me that as a life coach with my husband we have seen that happening a lot. When you open your heart chakra, what do you find in there? A big black hole stuffed with energies from the other chakras cos simply you gave up on your heart. Your heart is in someone else’s hands to do whatever they want with it. Literally though on an energetic level.

Letting someone else being responsible for your own emotions, for your own love and mostly for your friends. Have you ever wondered why you usually neglect and even lose your friends when you date someone? The guy just wants you all for himself, he pushes away from your heart all your friends. This is why you can’t explain how you made that mistake later on when you break up with him. Next time you want to date this awesome guy and you feel you love him, don’t give him your heart this time but welcome him in your heart. Give him space in your heart energies, you will feel a bit uncomfortable physically on your heart but it’s normal. It’s different accepting the love in your life and different giving it away. Protect and love yourself no matter what!


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