The Journey and the Awakening

It comes that day in your life when everything changes, as if someone pulled the carpet under your feet. Changes are always good but you usually see that in the future as the current events make you shake. For now the only thing you know is that you woke up this morning with a weird sensation, that nothing is the same as yesterday. The vegetables taste better, the fresh coffee will almost make you hallucinate and your boyfriend who is sleeping next to you… well you start having second thoughts. Rushing thoughts make you almost lose your mind, you keep wondering what happened to you. You grab your phone to call your best friend but right away you put it back on its place, for some reason she won’t understand. You don’t understand either yet. As you grab your hot coffee, you open your laptop right away. You start searching for your symptoms online, you stumble upon articles about awakening. Your curiosity will lead you to read more but take a step back here.

Spiritual awakening may have common symptoms but don’t forget that you are a unique person with your own perception for this life. It’s a period of inner work, you have to take decisions about your life and everything after this will change. You will feel lonely, you will cry, you will even feel devastated by this world and then you will feel the fighter inside you, you will do anything to change everyone around you. Don’t forget though that changes start from within, you are the example for your friends and family. If you try to force them to see the world through your eyes, you must be that world. The beautiful new You is ready for the most exciting journey, don’t hold anything back!


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