Neat house, neat energy flow

When you buy your favorite magazine or while browsing the web, you find all these wonderful photos about houses, apartments, all designed in a beautiful way. You get up to go to grab a snack from the kitchen but you quickly realize that your house is a mess; cups all over the coffee table, many clothes on the bed, a couple newspapers on the floor. Pretty much your house is far away from what you see around net. You barely have time to deal with the house, it’s your job too that takes you a lot of time, now you feel all the way guilty for failing to have the perfect house. Stop here and take a deep breath. Remember that these houses have the same and even more issues than yours. You just need to focus on your house and only for now.

If you don’t want to come to the point when you have to spend two days to clean the whole house, do the things you have to do on time. You drink your coffee? Clean the cup right away. You come back home and you take off the clothes? Fold them and sort them in the closet. It seems so easy but it’s so effective. Needless to say that a messy house is the  nest of negative energies. How so? Since you project your negativity, the energies have a big impact on the house. Next thing you know, you feel tired, you are grumpy, sometimes you will notice that items even break in the house. If you have to take some furniture off the house, then do it. Reorganizing the free space will make it work for you better. You don’t need to spend money on new stuff, just sit down, write on a paper which are your needs and how much time you have everyday for your home. Happy mood and a beautiful house!


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