Fast Impressive Cooking

Expecting friends at home and you need to cook something quick, delicious and impressive at the same time? Fruits and vegetables are your best friend, not only for the vitamins but for the endorphins release too. I love healthy fast food, so while searching for new recipes I found the Spicy Thai Shrimp Salad and the Chicken & Fruit Salad  and they seem yummy! If you didn’t know till now, fruits and vegetables raise your vibrations and your energy level. How many times have you noticed that after having dinner with friends, you all usually feel tired, dull but you try hard not to ruin the night? Well this is the last thing you expect when your dishes will be accompanied by fruits and vegetables. Grains and spices can give an exotic note to your food too. A little additional advice, the colors of your clothes should be close to the food you are serving. This will give a delicate impression to your friends and within 1 and a half hour, you will have food ready, clothes and make up. Have a wonderful Saturday and whatever you do, have fun!


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