Chit chat with a Friend

You call your friend after a long time, you have that girly talk and out of nowhere she tells you about that cute guy she started dating. Your questions seem to have sincere interest about the guy but deep inside you, you feel different, you just know right away that he’s not the right guy for her. She’s excited while she’s speaking to you about him, first time she didn’t ask you extensively if you met any guy too. While you try to digest all that, she proposes to you to get out all together so as you to meet him. A couple days later, you get out, she has that sparkling bright smile, he keeps hugging her and looking at her deep in the eyes. You just sip your drink annoyed giving fake smiles. Now you know that you definitely don’t like him.

Don’t let your ego interfere, this is the big mistake here. Your friend just found a guy and she will date him for some time. You are afraid that you will lose her or that you won’t talk to her that much as you used to. Isn’t that egotistical from your own side? She has a life and you have one too. Focus on yourself, be happy for your friend and do your own things. You may spent almost every Friday with her but now she needs to make some space in her heart for someone else. Don’t get this wrong, she won’t forget you, she just opened a new chapter in her life. Don’t forget that there so many people out there who would love to hang around with you. Why don’t you give them a chance?


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