Wear black? Watch your back!

Back to the basics, especially when you are in rush or you really don’t know what to wear. Black is a color that can easily be paired with either neutral colors, neon or  just go goth/rock style. Something that you may not know is that black is an energetically “dangerous” color. It literally sucks the energies for the environment you are in and especially the people in the same area with you. Without you knowing it, you become a vessel ready to be filled with all kinds of energies. I will give you a very easy example so as to understand easier how this works. Wear your black shirt and get out of your house, make sure that it’s a sunny day. The first thing you feel is that warmth on your body but if you stay longer, you will start sweating and feeling bothered.

Now the same happens with people and items, everything is made of energy and radiates energy. It’s like when you wear black and you go to a club, now imagine all these people being like little suns. The next thing you know, when you go back home, you feel tired, exhausted, having headaches and you just want to sleep but when you lay down, your eyes won’t close. A part of it, it’s the hangover but the main reason you feel like that is that you sucked all the people’s energies in that club. The energies will just nest on your chakras, I’m sure you feel that hangover going for a couple days.

Though you love black, I love black and yes all girls love black cos it’s sexy, it gets our wild side out since it’s related to our root chakra. How do you work on that, wearing your favorite color without having the side effects? Agate, amethyst, black tourmaline and goldstone are some good gemstones for cleansing and renewing the energies of the body along with the spiritual protection. Any accessories that sparkle or are mirror-like are your friends, since they are reflecting other people’s energies. Lavender, magnolia and ylang-ylang are some essences that will balance the energies in your body, therefore all the negative energy will get out of your body. The classic also look black and white brings balance, since black works as an energy sponge and white reflects the energies back to the environment. Whatever you do, keep in mind that your energetic body health comes first!


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