Animals, our friends and guides

You either have a pet already or you do want to get one soon, make sure that you have enough time to spend with your new friend. People usually buy pets when they feel alone or they just got out of a heartbreaking relationship but this shouldn’t be the only reason doing it. If your love for animals is not strong enough, don’t try to get one to use it as human substance. The next thing you know when you have the pet in your house, it starts acting all the way weird. One day you wake up and the dog starts biting you, the cat meows uncontrollably, the bird stops singing and you start getting worried. Don’t make the mistake that many people do, don’t blame the animal, it’s like having a baby and put the blame on them for destroying the house.

As it happens with humans, animals are even more receptive into energy frequencies. This leads to the fact that when you are moody, your animal friend will feel this negativity and will start acting the same. Did you know that animals have chakras like humans? So if you are scared, the fear is being transferred to the animal and this is why people usually say that animals after some time start acting like their owners. The behavior you see on your pet is your daily behavior, the animal is like a mirror but more intense. Keep in mind to spend some time with your pet outside the nature, play some meditation music, try to keep a calm environment like you would do with your kid. Share the love with your best friend!


2 thoughts on “Animals, our friends and guides

  1. My dog totally knows my moods. And when I have to go out and cant take him with, I play soft classical music for him. He likes music. And he goes out into nature twice a day and often meets up with all his doggie friends in the park 🙂

    • Awww that’s awesome! Yeah animals are very sensitive, you can try play nice binaural beats from youtube, I’m sure he will love it too! Thank you for stopping by, have a wonderful Tuesday!

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