The Earth Spirit is You

It’s one of these thoughtful days, after my morning meditation while walking out as I felt one with the earth. Most people say that earth is our mother, we hurt her and make her suffer with our actions. I have realized though that humans won’t usually take responsibility for their own actions so I started pondering on my way back home. The thought that kept coming back is this; what if all of us are part of the earth’s spirit? Each one of us holding an important part of earth’s frequencies and in the end we are responsible for the final transformation of the planet. So when we throw our garbage in the rivers, when we pollute the environment in any way, we harm ourselves and not the earth spirit.

I’m wondering how would you personally feel on that? How does it feel when a part of you is abused, used, suffering in a way you could never imagine? Would it change your reality? Would it make you more responsible? You know, it’s hard hurting others, you can just move on and forget, you can block these memories out. When you hurt your own self, it’s something that you cannot avoid, it’s there in your everyday life, even if you cannot see it, you feel it. The moments when you feel in pain, confused but there is actually no explanation, no memory from a past life or this life, when the emotional blockage is so hard that you can’t break through. It’s when you realize that part of the earth’s spirit is nested in your heart. The green energies from your heart chakra emitting and connecting to earth’s heart. Do you feel the connection now?



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