Law of Attraction or Destruction?

Even if you are not into these new age theories, I’m sure somewhere you have heard about the law of attraction. If you attract positive things in your life, then only only positive things you are getting back,  it’s  like the law of good karma. Then the next step is to make a manifestation board with all the good things you want to happen in your life. This board is pretty much a collage of photos and thoughts for the days ahead, this new house you always wanted, the car you always dreamed and the boyfriend who will travel you to the moon and back. I agree to some point with this, you pretty much program your subconsciousness to manifest beautiful things in your life.

You start losing the point of attracting good energy though when you focus only on this 3d reality. This “law” of the universe is manipulated in that way that most of people forget one thing; the fundamental law of balance. You cannot expect to attract the lalala land as if the negative energies don’t exist. It’s when the illusions start, basically by focusing on the world you want to make, the materialistic one, not the balanced one. So when you make the board at home, make sure what you really want, meditate on it even. So remember somewhere to write about how grateful you are that at least you have the basics, remember that there are people out there who actually starve. Be generous and add a small post – it on your board with a wish for this world, trust me it will make your day!



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