Get motivated and change your Life

You like it or not, changes are unavoidable in your life but how well you are prepared of them? Root chakra defines your readiness level, how well you have worked on your red / black energies. A friend asks you to travel with him on another country and right away you hesitate. What is it that makes you hold back? You won’t admit that it’s fear since it’s just a trip, right? Though you have to understand that all human beings are afraid of different things according to their experiences. Don’t feel uncomfortable when you realize that you are scared of a thing that maybe someone else doesn’t. Your consciousness and emotional level is different from the people around you, in order to fight the fear you must admit that the fear is there.

Meditation, past life regression and  a lot of personal work must be done so as the fear will be eliminated. Don’t expect from one day to another that your root chakra will be healed. Just make sure that you are ready to fight your “demons”, it doesn’t  matter if they are big or small. You definitely know that they won’t let you live your life. A blog or a diary will help you a lot with your progress, you can go back anytime and see how much your life has changed. Don’t let anything to keep you back from living a happy life, you know you deserve the best!



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