Chocolate Flavored Chocolate Memories

After the 21st of December, I can say for sure now after all these days of speculation that strong energies surround my body. Some would say ascension, some others that the earth is ready for the big change, I just believe and feel that it’s time for traveling back to childhood memories. In there you will remember not only how carefree you were but how easy it was for you to talk to the animals, the plants, even those weird-looking clouds on the sky. The stars were your friends, the moon’s light was there for you to help you with your path. While growing up, your parents and your teachers told you that this is only fairytale, now you have to enter the adults’ world and there is no way back.

Watch your favorite movie from your childhood, dig the toys you were saving for years, open the old books from school and all the doodles you used to draw out of boredom. You will be surprised on how the perception of time will change and how your third eye will start tingling after this encounter. Since you can’t go back in time, you can still wish on that shooting star, you can still have cupcake dreams, you can still connect to your inner child. Keep notes on how your energies will start changing and make sure that this Saturday will be the most beautiful for you!


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