Get Inspired and be Grateful

It’s one of these days that you complain about everything in your life, your apartment is small, you need a better car, you should go out more often and so on. You wake up next morning and you get an unexpected call from your boss “I’m sorry to inform you that you are fired. I wish things were different.”. You just freeze there as you hear the beep of the hanging up call. Oh well, you will find another job right? The months go by, no jobs available, you pass by the stores and you stare at all the clothes you ever wanted to buy. Your life has turned upside down, the way out seems far away and now what?

You make a quick hot cup of cocoa as you  now realize that small things make you happy. Your boyfriend calls you, this time it feels so different while talking to him. This old lady who always takes care of your plants, you never paid attention to that before. That bird who just sat on your balcony, you feel so lucky seeing it around. Remember to be grateful for all the things in your life, never take anything for granted.


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