Emotions VS Reality – Sacral VS Third Eye

How many times you had this big conversation with your friends, how many times you argued about the emotions or the reality instead. Feelings or brains? When your sacral starts taking over, you can’t make right decisions, you cannot see the reality around you as soon as you start neglecting friends, family or every day issues. On the other hand when third eye is on control of the emotions, it’s like there is a bodyguard on the sacral area and every time the emotions are about to flow, they are being stopped right away. This is the theoretical part, it sounds pretty easy right? Though how we are going to make it work?

Let me give you an example here. You are so deeply in love with this guy, you would do anything for him and your life…. well you almost don’t have a life anymore except being around him. You barely eat waiting above the phone, your friends call you and you ignore them. Today you just decided that you are so overwhelmed that staying at home is better than going at work. You don’t need more stress, right? Here is when you have to balance your emotions by letting a bit your third eye be the judge of the situation. Meditation is one way doing it. The other way is consciously focus on the issue and try the clothing / accessorizing combination of purple and orange.

The orange is there to remind you your feelings even though you try to ignore them subconsciously as if there is no issue there. The purple will be the balancing factor so pretty much you can wear a purple dress with an orange  necklace or jeans with orange top and purple tote bag. Wear them when you meet your family, your friends and him. The most important thing here is to actually admit that this behavior is not healthy, that your whole life doesn’t depend on one guy. You are in love, the feelings are so strong but you need to work on them so as not to take over your reality. Don’t forget to write your emotions on your blog or on a diary and when you are done with the energy healing process, you can revise everything and see how much progress you have done!


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