Don’t let your Mirror trick You

After a long time, you have arranged going out with friends and you want everything to be perfect. Picking the right clothes, the right make up, the right shoes, you just want to glow when you meet them. Fifteen minutes before you go, you check yourself really quick but there is something you don’t like. This skirt makes your legs look fat, the shirt won’t flatter your waist and this new lipstick looks so weird with your skin tone. You get stressed, you want to change clothes right away but you definitely have to go so as to be there on time.

Now imagine that the time freezes, the only one who can move is you. Go again in front of your mirror and check yourself from the top to the bottom. This time though don’t use your physical eyes but the eyes of your soul. Look at you, such a beautiful person, your smile brightens the world. The clothes are not pretty by themselves. It’s you and only you that make them look awesome. Did you know that stress distorts your perception? That lipstick looks fantastic on you and you know it cos you bought it. You know that it suits you. Don’t let a moment like that make you depressed. Before you go out, blow a kiss at the mirror and say “I love myself today more than yesterday!”



2 thoughts on “Don’t let your Mirror trick You

  1. I have no idea how many times I have done that, sometimes I don’t feel comfortable in my own skin for the rest of the day when I start picking things apart. So funny just yesterday I got ready, did my hair, my makeup, just picked out some clothes, nothing special (just clean and dry, lol) and did not worry about anything else. My friends should love me for who I am, not what I wear or don’t wear. I shouldn’t obligate myself to go out looking my best. I like having the option for sure! But it shouldn’t be a prerequisite, which is sometimes what I end up making it.
    Great post! I totally relate, and great advice! I would rather bring how good I feel then my (sometimes ever so changing) perception of how I look on the outside.

    • Thank you so much! You should always feel good on what you wear cos in the end, you bought the clothes, a little bit work on yourself every day would be nice! I used to be like that in the past but definitely got over it!

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