Third Eye – This Purple / Indigo Door is there for you to open it

The third eye is the head chakra according to my spiritual understanding, since the crown actually doesn’t exist as a chakra but as the top of the energetic body vortex which gathers all the energies from the rest of the chakras. Most of the awakened people pay mostly attention on the third eye by usually ignoring the rest of the chakras. The last chakra won’t energetically open unless the rest of the chakras are ready and cleansed. The energies coming from the third eye help us understand our reality, showing us the new spiritual horizon as the psychic powers are ready to be unveiled. Unbalanced third eye creates illusions, not clear understanding of each situation, disconnected from the our real self and deep knowing of life and past lives. If you cannot decide which job to choose or if you feel that you cannot see your priorities, a little indigo purple in your closet will help you a lot. Personally I love purple headbands and hairclips! If you are attending yoga classes, these colors will help you a lot with the breathing exercises so as you to focus better and see within.


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