Heart Chakra – Let your Green Heart follow the path of Love

The heart chakra focus the energy on unconditional love and real friendship. When it’s closed or unbalanced, we experience loneliness, rejected from a person we love, betrayed by a friend and so on. A broken heart sounds a hard issue but of course it’s fixable. Most of the times the heart chakra issues start from an early age, since our first friends and people whom we really love are our parents. If the relationship with them is broken or very tense many years, then it’s hard for us to trust our love on another person, to trust our heart on a friend even. Is really love red though? Our physical heart red color but the energetic vibrations radiate green color. Open your heart to true love by buying green clothing or accessories. An emerald heart necklace would work perfect if we had a fight with our best friend. A lovely green scarf will help our heart radiate love energies when we go on a date with our true love. Love green, trust that love will be soon in your life and manifest your life!


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